Boston Guitar – Your One-Stop Guitar Shop

Boston Guitar – Your One-Stop Guitar Shop

By: Ryan Pedrick, Kyle Vieira, Alexander Brown

Boston Guitar, located on 1 South Main Street, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is an all-in-one store that can sell you anything you need for your guitar. After talking to the owner, Heath Berkowitz, there is no wonder he has been running a successful business for over thirty years. 

Boston Guitar – Your One-Stop Guitar Shop

Heath is a true guitar enthusiast and has a vast knowledge about guitars. Heath started playing guitar at a very young age and loved everything about it. He also realized in his upbringing, that he had a very unique way of selling things to people, as he used to work at a car dealership and did pretty well for himself there. His only problem being that he did not love cars as much as he did guitars and music. In his teenage years, he joined a band playing as the guitarist where he would meet a guy that would change the course of his life. This guy owned four guitar stores himself and was about to close one of his stores. Knowing Heath, and the hustle that he had in him, he offered Heath the store to run. As you should know by now, he accepted.

Mr. Berkowitz at the age of twenty-one started to run his own guitar store in 1991. This was also the beginning of when the internet started to become a thing. With one of his friends being tech savvy and Heath being the brains behind the operations, they created the first online website for selling guitars and accessories. About a year after building the website and getting all the paperwork necessary to have a website, Heath made his first online guitar sale to a well-known band, Jimmy Eat World, for $7000. Heath has never looked back since that day – selling guitars all over Europe, and as far away as Japan. Along with selling guitars, Heath also offers repairs and lessons. He is the all-around jack-of-all-trades when it comes to guitars.

Boston Guitar - Boston MA

Over the years of business, Heath has learned some very valuable business lessons that he shared with us. First, being that he liked to work with small guitar companies and specific brands. This would allow him to have a unique selection that no other store had, which would gather customers. Most places use big name brands, but not Heath’s store. Secondly, loyalty was a very important part of his business. Thirdly, service is everything to him. He might not be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to guitars, but the way he treats his customers is what keeps them coming back. Reputation is important.

Outside of being a great guitar salesman, Heath always didn’t feel complete without having another mountain to climb. Growing up, he was big into playing tennis. So, when recently introduced to pickleball, a sport very similar to tennis, he grew very fond of it. He started and is currently running a pickleball league where he manages over two hundred players. Heath creates pickleball tournaments which raise money for fundraisers. He recently got certified as a pickleball instructor which in his own words, “I never expected.”

From running a guitar store to being a pickleball coordinator, Heath Berkowitz is a great person and salesman. If you need any guitars, need repairs or want to learn how to play, Heath’s store, Boston Guitar, is the place to go.

Boston Guitar is located at 1 South Main Street in West Bridgewater, MA. You can contact them via:

Phone: 508-580-0088




Instagram: @Boston.Guitar