Cultural Deliciousness at Khalil’s Kitchen in Brockton, MA

Cultural Deliciousness at Khalil’s Kitchen in Brockton, MA

Authors: Mitchell Rice, Branden Painter, Matthew White, BSU students

If you’re ever in the South Shore area and looking to eat some delicious food, Khalil’s Kitchen located in Brockton, Massachusetts has some of the best soul food in the state. The owner, Rudy Alves, is local to the community and has given Brockton a new style of food in the area that’s filled with a mix of cultures.

Khalil’s Kitchen was opened December 14, 2020 and features soul food with Caribbean and Cape Verdean influences, which was a great idea due to the population of Brockton being home to 19,225 Cape Verdeans and 41.0% being African American. Rudy Alves was inspired to open the restaurant because of his son, who has a passion for cooking as well. Rudy was born in Fogo, Cape Verde and grew up with just his mother. Although he came from a struggling past, he used that as leverage to always strive for a better life. He originally started his business from his home and faced many challenges, such as completing all orders in a timely manner and being able to serve every customer. His biggest concern when starting his business was customer satisfaction. While facing all these challenges from his apartment, he decided to open a restaurant where he can overcome these challenges and grow his business. To Rudy, the most important factor of running his business was keeping his customers happy. He values this characteristic by still managing and operating the restaurant in store. 

Cultural Deliciousness at Khalil’s Kitchen in Brockton, MA

What separates Rudy’s business from other restaurants is the fact that all the food and customer service comes directly from him. Rudy makes sure he personally gives each and every customer the best experience he can, focusing on quality over quantity. He understands the hard work that is needed to keep a business running and everyday he puts in the work to produce excellent food made with fresh ingredients that comes straight from the heart. Khalil’s Kitchen is for the community and he only wishes he can expand his business to other locations so that all the people who tell him they wish they could try his food, get a chance to see what they’re missing. Rudy is very disciplined about making sure the quality of his food doesn’t drop, so he’s being careful about managing the expansion of how many people he can cater to while still keeping the same level of food quality. 

Social media has played a huge role in allowing Rudy to reach more customers who live further away that usually wouldn’t even hear of Khalil’s Kitchen. The company has promoted the business by displaying its various selection of its menu on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and its supporters have also broadcasted its food on social media platforms like TikTok where the restaurant’s name has become a popular hashtag where customers can post their food. The restaurant being open six days a week, from noon to night, has been able to service many people throughout the Brockton community. Rudy, being a very active business owner and also owning Alves Development located in Taunton, Massachusetts, is very open to communication and presented his personal contact information on the restaurant’s instagram. He also responds to customer reviews on Google that has reached a total of 329 reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars. The restaurant hosts many events throughout the week that are available to the public to join and take part in. 

Khalil’s Kitchen in Brockton, MA

Visit Khalil’s Kitchen at 880 Main Street in Brockton, MA.

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 12:30 PM – 9 PM 

            Friday: 12:30 PM – 11 PM

            Saturday – Sunday: 11 AM – 11 PM

            (Closed Mondays) 


Phone: (508) 857-1828

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