Doggie Daycare and More at Beach Dogz Daycare and Enrichment in Plymouth, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - beach dogz daycare playtime

Author: Kimberly O’Keefe, BSU student

Beach Dogz Daycare and Enrichment located in Plymouth, MA is a unique doggie paradise where owners can drop off their dogs while they go to work during the week. This facility is geared towards a dog’s favorite thing to do after eating — sniffing! At most doggie daycares, dogs are assigned to one play area for the day. However, at Beach Dogz, the dogs are rotated to five different 10,000 square foot outdoor play areas throughout the day so they never get bored!

They get to explore new smells left from the previous dogs, play with different obstacles like tunnels and things to climb on, and even get to sniff mysterious “stink boxes” which include interesting smells for dogs such as farm animal smells and even doe urine! One of the play areas at Beach Dogz is a fenced in wooded area, where dogs can run around, pick up sticks, sniff trees, and do what dogs are meant to do. Beach Dogz has a 2,000 square foot indoor play area as well for when the weather is not ideal.

Beach Dogz is a fairly new doggie daycare, only having been open since November of 2019. The owner, Laurie Wagner, has over 20 years of dog experience. In 2000, she adopted a new puppy and could not bear to leave her alone all day when she went to work. One trip to the dog park changed Laurie’s entire future. Laurie met someone at the dog park who told her about dog walking, which was a new concept in the early 2000s. Laurie loved the idea that she could make a living with dogs and decided to give it a shot. 

She became a dog walker and private trainer from 2000-2011, then opened Doggie Fun and Fitness, which is open 24/7 and is designed to help dogs get past their social problems and make friends. Laurie left Doggie Fun and Fitness in 2018 so she could have more time to spend with her now 10 year old daughter. Yet, she did not stop there. She missed working with canines and opened Beach Dogz the very next year. Beach Dogz is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm, which allows Laurie to spend time with her husband and daughter, as well as have a fulfilling career working with dogs.

Beach Dogz is a culmination of all Laurie’s knowledge and experiences with dogs for the past 20 years. Laurie’s mission in life is to “help more people help more dogs”. Rather than training one owner and helping one dog, she uses her methods to help an exponential amount of dogs. People come to her facility from all over the country and even internationally to learn her system for managing a group of dogs with minimal barking, jumping, fighting. She has traveled the country being hosted by other doggie daycares, but the travel is expensive. She hopes that one day she can teach her program online as a webinar and reach a lot more people. 

Visit Beach Dogz Daycare and Enrichment at: 16 Hedges Pond Road, Plymouth, MA

Contact them via:
Telephone: (508) 746-7297
Facebook: @BeachDogzDaycare