Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Braintree

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Author: Brendan Sullivan, BSU student

Why Encompass Health Rehab of Braintree?
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Braintree is extremely committed to providing care above and beyond expectations.  Physical Health and well-being should be a top priority in everyone’s lives.  Most health insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost in full or part.  Encompass Health in Braintree is a company that will always make ethics a priority over profit.  “Not only do we closely follow CMS regulations, but we also have to provide the best care possible to every patient” (Kimberly Van Daley).  Your recovery will be in the hands of qualified and highly motivated professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients. To exemplify how motivated these professionals are to their patients’ success, they host an annual “Patient Recognition Dinner” for former patients to celebrate their success.  “It is the most, rewarding, emotional night.

 They all speak about how much we mean to them and how much we have touched their lives” (Kimberly Van Daley).  Hopefully that paints the picture to how emotionally devoted this company is to their careers.
What is Encompass Health Rehab of Braintree?
They are located at 250 Pond Street in Braintree, MA and provide hours 7 days a week.  They are even open on holidays from noon-8pm!  They are an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital that also provide outpatient services.  The departments of assistance Encompass Health offers are physical, speech, and occupational therapists, rehabilitation physicians, rehabilitation nurses, case managers, dietitians to name a few.  Encompass Health of Braintree is proud to yield outcomes well above the national standard.

What is the culture like?
The culture at Encompass Health in Braintree is very consistent throughout the hospital.  It can be summed up easily through the company’s mission statement.  “At Encompass Health, we are committed to delivering the highest quality care to our patients. … Our clinical collaboration and cutting-edge treatments ensure patients receive the best care for their needs at all times. We’re proud to say our approach helps patients achieve better outcomes.”  At Encompass, the patients come first before everything else and the staff apply these morals in their everyday operations.  A visit to Encompass Health is like a visit to that long-lost family you never knew you had.  The staff are intrinsically motivated in providing great care and are brought great satisfaction contributing to successful rehabilitation.

Director of Therapy Operations Kimberly Van Daley has several heart-warming stories where staff went the extra mile out of the kindness of their hearts outside their required job description.  Examples include delivering equipment to patient’s homes, staying late to meet with concerned family members, and following up on patients long after their rehab has been completed.  The relationships you will build at Encompass are incomparable to other hospitals in the area.  Their doors are always open to help in any way they possibly can!

Amenities of the Hospital
The amenities at Braintree Hospital will truly enhance your visits and overall experience.  Along with their advanced therapeutic technologies, they also provide televisions, free WiFi, and telephones for your everyday use.  They are very accommodating with anything you may need to assist your recovery process with things such as interpreter services, Spanish translators, support groups, and available tours.  If you are unable to easily get out of the house to see if Encompass Health Braintree Hospital, take the virtual tour on their website.  Their FaceBook page has content such as patient reviews, informational posts and videos, and upcoming events.  The next time you are in need of high-quality care, are you going to visit Encompass Health of Braintree and become another one of the business’ many success stories?

​Encompass Health Braintree Hospital is located at 250 Pond Street, Braintree, MA

Contact them via: 
Phone: 781-348-2500
Website: encompasshealth.com/braintreerehab
Facebook: @EncompassHealthBraintree