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Author: Adrian Frias, BSU student

All Eats LLC was created by Yadiyah Letellier in 2016 in Fall River, MA. Yadiyah Letellier is from Brooklyn, NY where all of his passions began. The goal of All Eats is to teach people how to live a healthy lifestyle not only by working out but by being able to create a healthier diet. Yadiyah uses his skills to run several 1 hour explosive classes throughout the day, six days of the week (Mon-Sat) and he includes culinary classes that teach his students how to prepare meals themselves. The classes are meant to help people reach the fitness goals they have. His background in fitness, sports, and culinary collectively made up his decision to create “All Eats LLC”. Yadiyah pursued an education in culinary arts at Monroe College while also playing basketball. After receiving his Associates degree, he continued his education and sports career at Johnson and Wales University

Being able to interview Yadiyah Letellier was a great opportunity for me to find out more about his business. When asked what was the toughest part about his job his reply was simply “keeping people motivated”. Having a fitness company he has to deal with people who are not self-motivated and that is probably his biggest concern. The confidence and intensity Yadiyah brings to his business is what sets him apart from the rest of the competition. If we were to put him against 3 businesses just like his he said his support while working out, his ability to work with others, and his genuine love for what he does is what sets him apart from the rest. Six months into the future he can see his brand getting bigger. Whether that means more locations, more customers, or even more sales of his clothing, Yadiyah just wants the opportunity to get bigger as a whole.

The use of the internet has been an advantage for him and his brand. Using social media allows him to not only reach a wider audience but also share pictures and videos of what goes on during and after his sessions. It lets people get closer to the brand and keep up with information on a regular basis. When asked what he would change if he was able to start over again his response was “I would have started younger while looking for a solid group of individuals to create a good team. People who are passionate in not only bettering themselves but bettering other people.” When walking into his fitness room you will see “KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY” taped on the floor. Yadiyah Letellier is huge on the energy brought into his place and if anyone reading this has had thoughts of bettering their body or even their minds, All Eats LLC is the perfect environment to do just that. It is a judge free zone where everyone attending a class is there to work out and inspire each other.

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