Just Dance, Dance, Dance at Pat Snow’s Dance Academy

Just Dance, Dance, Dance at Pat Snow’s Dance Academy - South Shore Business Reviews

Authors: Victoria Jensen, Ava Shultz and Johann Mateo

Dance at Pat Snow’s Dance Academy - South Shore Business Reviews

Are you interested in learning ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, baton twirling or just improving your coordination and having fun? Then Pat Snow’s Dance Academy has what you are looking for! Pat Snow’s Dance Academy is a family-owned dance school located in East Bridgewater, Bridgewater, and Whitman Massachusetts. Here people of all ages can learn several different dance styles and compete in dance competitions. Pat Snow’s Dance Academy has been open for an amazing 63 years, and the secret behind its success all starts with its founder Pat Snow. 

Pat was born and raised in Bridgewater. She always had a passion for dance and started dancing when she was just two years old. When I spoke with Pat, she told me that she always knew she wanted to have a dance studio growing up, even predicting it in her high school yearbook. In 1959 Pat’s dream came true when she opened Pat Snow’s Dance Academy. Starting a business was not easy, but even with seven children Pat made it happen and worked hard for her goals, even turning down the Rockettes to make it happen! She continued to work hard and grow her studio, which has become very successful and has expanded to three different locations. Today, Pat’s granddaughter Kelly Snow owns the studio and several of her other grandchildren teach at the studio as well. 

The slogan of Pat Snow’s Dance Academy is “It’s All About the Kids”, and when speaking with Pat she could not emphasize this more. Pat believes anyone can dance, and she is passionate about giving kids an opportunity and a place to learn and express themselves through dance no matter what. She remembers being a little girl herself and understands the struggles that some may face, which is why she works hard to offer affordable prices and designs class times with students in mind. 

Just Dance, Dance, Dance at Pat Snow’s Dance Academy - South Shore Business Reviews

Pat Snow and her family have big goals for their Dance Academy, but more than anything Pat just wants to ensure that everyone is happy and that her business continues to stick to its slogan. She is proud of her success, and she should be because she has created an amazing studio that turns people into extraordinary dancers. In July of 2022, their competition team traveled to Disney World and got to perform in the Magic Kingdom Parade, just one example of the many great opportunities presented to the dancers’ part of this team. When it comes to social media, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook, which has played a role in attracting some new clients. However, Pat has been in the business a long time and knows that word of mouth around town has been the most successful in attracting new dancers. If you or your child or a friend or family member is interested in learning to dance and wants to be a part of an amazing studio that puts the kids first, provides affordable prices, and has been turning people into amazing dancers for decades, then look no further than Pat Snow’s Dance Academy.

Visit or contact Pat Snow’s Dance Academy at one of their 3 locations:

50 Cross Street in East Bridgewater, MA

Phone: 508-378-7079

558 Washington Street in Whitman, MA

Phone: 781-447-6559

755 Bedford Street in Bridgewater, MA (Winter Palace) 

Phone: 508-697-3588 

Email: patsnows@gmail.com

Website: http://www.patsnowsdanceacademy.com/contact-us.html

Facebook:  @PatSnow’sDanceAcademy: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057267287490

Instagram:  @Patsnowsdanceacademy https://www.instagram.com/patsnowsdanceacademy/