Let Party Angels of East Bridgewater Help You with Your Next Party

Party angels team

Author: Jonathan McAdams, BSU student

“Party Angels: Host’s Helping Hands” is a small business “Party Angels: Host’s Helping Hands” is a small business based in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts that operates throughout the entire South Shore. Owned and operated by Maryellen McAdams, her businesses goal is to assist in the hosting of parties/events through catering, bartending, and serving. When asked what made her want to start Party Angels, Maryellen stated, “I’ve been in the food industry for years working as a bartender and server. I love planning parties and making people happy. I love to cook and organize events.”

Party Angels had its humble beginnings in the summer of 2018, specifically the 4th of July weekend, an obvious hotspot for parties. Maryellen elaborated on this further stating:
“2018 on the 4th of July Weekend. I’ve hosted so many parties at my own home I realized that there was a need for someone to give hosts a helping hand. And I decided people that were having parties at their own home needed my help.”
Parties being an almost unlimited commodity, Party Angels had its fair share of events to help host in 2018, but as we all know, the fun wouldn’t be lasting much longer, without a few roadblocks.
When asked what the toughest part about having a business in 2020 was, Maryellen simply stated “COVID – Working with the restrictions while trying to find work was and still is a major pain.” With the COVID-19 pandemic all throughout 2020 and continuing to this day, the number of parties being thrown drastically decreased, due to the restrictions and quarantines that were put into effect. But Maryellen is optimistic in the future of her business stating that, “Things are starting to lookup now. I’m hoping that with all the vaccinations and the spread of COVID slowing down that we can ramp business back up and have a good summer. People must be itching to celebrate!”

One of the most important aspects of business is advertising. Getting your company’s name out there and becoming well known to the people you want to serve is a vital aspect in gaining traction as a business. As of right now, Party Angels solely operates on a word of mouth basis. We asked Maryellen what she thinks Party Angels can do to expand its business in the future and she responded, “More social media. Right now, the only way we advertise is through word of mouth and business cards, I think that making a Facebook or Instagram page will really help us get more customers.”

When asked what sets Party Angels aside from other businesses like it, Maryellen stated that what sets them aside is “Personalized service, I’m willing to go the extra mile. Excellent pricing, service with a smile, always. And amazing food.” To backup this statement, Maryellen was kind enough to send us some photos of Party Angels in action, along with a sample of some appetizers that they might prepare.

Although Party Angels has faced some hard times, I think that they will see a lot of success in the future when things begin to go back to normal. It’s not hard to tell that they provide a good product, the proof is in the pudding one might say. In our interview I could tell Maryellen was very passionate about what she does, and is definitely excited for things to go back to normal so that she can continue to grow her business.