Looking for a CrossFit Gym? Try CrossFit Bridgewater

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - crossfit bridgewater exterior

Author: Yanibel Payamps, BSU student

CrossFit Bridgewater as stated in the name, is in fact a CrossFit gym; although it is considered a fitness business, much of the work done here revolves around relationships. The secret to CrossFit is that although people first come in for the fitness aspect, it is truly a coverup for a way to make connections with other individuals. Sonia, the owner, and one of the main coaches in this facility, bases her decision making of the business around the different personalities and perspectives that everyone brings. One of the things about this type of business is that all sorts of people from all over town can find interest in fitness.

Bringing those people together in a way they can find a common ground is the hardest, but also most rewarding part of the company.  So, one of the things to keep in mind is that it may be easy for people to quit activities, but it’s harder for them to quit relationships.

 In the fitness world word of mouth is huge! When current clients get excited about how their life, body, and mind are continually changing they can’t help but brag about it. They walk out of class with a euphoric mindset, feeling accomplish about what they have just overcome, whether it’s flipping tires or climbing up a rope, every day holds a new adventure. 

CrossFit Bridgewater takes pride in their work, which is reflected their mission statement which states:

“Our Mission is to be a welcoming family that inspires through connection and demonstration of our core value on a daily basis. We will strive to grow as individuals but more importantly as a community, finding ways to give back and making sure everyone feels appreciated and loved. Together we will fortify our bodies and minds inside this place so we may enjoy out journey through life with integrity, grit, and compassion.”

Sonia has a strong background in CrossFit, and Page has business knowledge, and together they make a great team, in creating an all-inclusive gym. As soon as you walk into the a room, it doesn’t take long to feel the passion felt  throughout the gym,  and no matter who you are or where you are from, you can’t help but feel like a big part of this movement. These ladies always keep three important factors as an integral part of their day: integrity -pushing them to do the right thing no matter what; grit – encouraging and allowing them to accept challenges for growth with a smile on their faces, giving their best while never complaining; and compassion by remembering everyone is fighting a battle we may know nothing about, Sonia and Paula keep their minds and heart open. 

Visit CrossFit Bridgewater at 620 Bedford Street, Bridgewater MA
Contact them via:
Telephone: (508) 505-6643
Website: Crossfitbridgewater.com
Facebook Page: @BridgewaterCROSSFIT
Instagram: Crossfitbridgewater