Looking for a Family Friendly Activity? Try Pilgrim Skating Arena in Hingham, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - skating rink outside p-callanan

Author: Patrick Callanan, BSU student

I interviewed the manager Tim Flaherty at Pilgrim Skating Arena (PSA). The owner of the company is Tim’s brother, and Tim was kind enough to answer the questions in his brother’s absence. It is also worth mentioning that Tim and his brother did not start this business. It was founded in 1974. The current management has taken it over in recent years and the rink is running more smoothly and professional than ever before.
 I began by asking why he chose this line of business. He instantly points out that he did not choose this line of work; he is helping his brother by providing his management expertise. According to Tim, “This organization was set up as a nonprofit to give the youth in the area a place to play hockey”.

As I mentioned in the preface, the company was founded in 1974, but recently taken under new management. He then goes on to discuss the problems the company has endured while operating during 2020. He attributes the difficulties to the restrictive guidelines, which limits the amount of people in the building at a time, and the added cleaning efforts. 

I then asked why a customer would choose this skating rink over any of the competitors. Tim said that there are two main reasons why a customer would choose Pilgrim Skating Arena. The first is the location, because it is located directly off the highway and next to the Derby Street Shops in Hingham. The second is the product, which the arena provides ice rentals, skate sharpening, and select items in the pro shop. Many customers will come to Pilgrim Skating Arena to check for the products they are looking for before driving to a shop that is further away. The number one way the skating arena brings in new customers is word of mouth. I then asked Tim about the influence that technology has on the business, and he admitted that currently, the arena does not capitalize on the potential of social media. Going forward he discussed the potential of doing ice rental booking online, rather than over the phone. 

I finished the interview by asking Tim where he saw the business in 6 months and he gave me an answer that rang true to most people reading this article, “Operating without any COVID-19 restrictions”. 

Visit Pilgrim Skating Arena at 75 Recreation Park Drive in Hingham, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: 781-749-6660
Email: info@skatepilgrim.com
Website: www.skatepilgrim.com
Instagram: @pilgrimskatingarena
Facebook: @pilgrimarenainc