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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - julien electric owner

Author:  Kevin Forbes, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - julien electric owner

Martin Julien is a licensed and fully insured Journeyman electrician operating out of the South Shore area since 2003. He is local to the area and has worked hard to build a reputation for being a very reliable electrician. His primary means of advertisement has been word of mouth from satisfied customers. His years of working in the field have provided him with experience wiring both residential and commercial buildings. He accepts jobs varying in size from basic installation of light switches and outlets to the complex installation of transformers. He has had many jobs which have required him to collaborate with general contractors. He is familiar with examining blueprints, schematics and design layouts. He also has experience in designing entire electrical systems and their circuitry.

He also has experience wiring and installing smart home technologies, which have been expanding the market demand for electricians. Much of these advancing technologies allow home owner’s to control things such as their light switches, outlets, appliances and even window shades remotely from nearly anywhere in the world. Home surveillance systems are also in demand and although he does not actually install them himself, he works closely with a specialist in the field and designs the layouts for the jobs.

He stays up to date on the national electrical codes and complies with all local zoning regulations. He personally contacts local inspectors to make sure that his work is permitted and meets any inspection specifications. He prioritizes well and can get jobs completed while working with a timeline. However, safety is the primary concern with each job and he will not accept a job if it means he would have to rush and cut corners to get it done. He takes pride in his work and provides a 2-year warranty with all services provided. He has never had to go back to a location to repair wiring that he has personally installed, nor has his wiring ever failed inspection, malfunctioned or cause a fire. 

He says business is good and has been over the years but he could handle a few more jobs per month, as long as the timeline of the jobs do not affect his ability to provide quality of his work. In the past, he tried advertising by running a website. However, he found that the amount of time it took to maintain the website was not worth the benefit it brought. He believes that his work ethic, quality results, time management and attention to detail is what gives him a competitive edge. He explains those are some of the main reasons why customers are comfortable referring him to family, friends, co-workers and anyone else looking for an electrician. He plans to continue running his business full time for the next few years before taking on a more advisory/consulting role designing electrical systems and their circuity layouts.

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - julien electric truck

When asked, if he could start over, would he choose this line of work again, he proudly responded, yes, because he enjoys be able to work for himself and comfortably provide for his family. 

You can contact Julien Electric via telephone at ​(508) 631-4030.