Looking for Fast and Tasty food? Go to Boston Fried Chicken and Burrito


Author: Younes Errifi, BSU student

Restaurants are where people enjoy and test different food, get a break from the daily routine, and appreciate the hard work they have done. While Boston Fried Chicken and Burritos may look like your average American-style restaurant, this fine spot with great fast food is located in Brockton, Massachusetts, owned by a hard-working family from Afghanistan. The family’s father has been in the food business for more than thirty years in New York City. He opened and closed a few restaurants before moving into Brockton. He decided this time to start a restaurant with his two sons in 2016 and franchise the restaurant. In an interview, I asked Mohammed, one of the sons, the priority for their business.

He told me the food quality sets a high standard for the restaurant’s food quality to ensure that customers enjoy the same quality with every dish. He adds serving quality food can earn your restaurant a good reputation and compel your guests to return for repeat visits.

He talks about the struggles they had to face in 2020. One of the most challenging parts was the lack of employees due to the coronavirus pandemic. One more thing Mohammed mentioned is that the food delivery companies had a very good impact on their business growth as they haven’t really advertised through social media. He adds that apps such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, where users can browse our menu, put an order, and deliver it without talking directly, play a core part of our restaurant. Also, they realize that smartphone apps don’t cause a decrease in dine-in customers, but instead help them grow a new customer base.

It’s no surprise to learn that running a restaurant comes with its share of the responsibilities that need you to keep on top of. Even though it might seem like a dream come true in the end, the restaurant owner has to go through many months or even years of struggles, challenges, and failures. Mohammed told me about his father’s past challenges and experiences. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel finally, as their restaurant is doing well. There are plans to open a second one this month in the center of Brockton, MA.
​I went to the place before, but this time was for interview purposes. It small place with a few small tables and chairs—the customer service at the counter excellent and the service is fast. Also, they have a good size parking lot.

However, the food is the most critical part of any restaurant—in this place, the food is prepared fast with a quick pick-up lunch or dinner on the go. The food is tasty; I had a chance to try the shrimp burrito, prepared with spicy mayo and Spanish rice and beans; overall, the burrito was delicious. This place offers many different choices, from burritos to fried chicken to New York-style grill chicken and many other types of dishes. The owners are charming and did everything possible to help me to understand all efforts they put in before opening up their restaurant and answered all questions in detail. In any regard, I’m going to continue visiting this place because I like it, also because of the friendly customer service, affordable prices, and excellent food.

Visit Boston Fried Chicken & Burritos (BFC) at 95 Montello St in Brockton, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: (774) 776-2734
Email: Bostonfriedchicken95@gmail.com
Website: www.bostonfriedchicken.business.site
Facebook: @BFCnBurritos