Love for Animals – Erica’s Animal Service in Brockton, MA

erica s animal service card

​Author: Anais Pena, BSU student

erica s animal service card

If you’re heading out of town and you’re not comfortable with leaving your pet “baby” just anywhere and will feel safer having someone care for them in the security of your home well then Erica Silva is the one to call.  Owners can rely on Erica at a reasonable price starting at $35 and up depending on area, animal and service requested to make sure the wellbeing of your animal meet your requirement.

Erica opened her small business Erica’s Animal Service in June 2019 this is out of her home in Brockton MA. Erica and her husband have two children.  Her love for animals started as a child growing up with animals of all kinds such as horses, turkeys, turtles, ducks, and chinchilla. In 2009 Erica began working in a kennel then became a Veterinarian technician for the past six years. When receiving many requests of her skill out of work she put her notice in and decided to begin her journey. With just the money in her account, the support of her husband, and local clients it was a start. Erica benefits the south shore area and other surrounding areas such as Whitman, Bridgewater, Hanson, Abington, Brockton, Easton, Mansfield, and Raynham. She offers pet sitting or overnight services for dogs, cats, and small animals this includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and dog walking. If you’re looking for someone to treat your animal as their own Erica Animal Service is what you’re looking for. You’ll always have the consistency of her or her husband who at times steps in to assist managing your pet. Erica believes this allows your animal the ability to build a relationship and trust with her including the customer. She offers service inside the comfort of your home so that the animal has the best experience while you’re away. 
​Erica found difficultly marketing her new business and trying to get her name out, but when she did meeting the people, animals, and helping owners feel secure that their pets are being cared for the way they would made it all worth it. If she had a chance to do it all over, she would have got her name out sooner, build clientele, and open a local shop instead of jumping in headfirst. She realized during the process organizing her schedule was essential she now books certain areas on specific days to make sure her clients receive quality service.

Word of mouth is an old marketing skill to bring in customers and its working for Erica. Her clientele is spreading her talent to locals, if you don’t hear of her you can find her on Facebook. The internet plays a huge part in the growth of her business posting, sharing an eventually looking to use ads to advertise and pop up while on social media.
Erica is managing her business on her own and its running smoothly. As she continues this journey six months to a year in the future, Erica is looking forward to seeing how her clientele expands or being booked to a point where she’ll have schedule months in advance. This leaving her to hire assistance because of the increase of service requested. It’s all exciting to her since it’ll show her that all the hard work paid off and jumping in headfirst was the best decision she had made. 
To contact Erica’s Animal Service:

Telephone: (774)-223-2928
Facebook: @EricasAnimals