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Author: Haley Burbank, BSU student

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A/C Unlimited is a family owned Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System service and installation business. For over 27 years the husband and wife duo; Scott and Tina Gallagher, have been providing South Shore Massachusetts residents with exceptional certified service for all their HVAC needs. While Scott and Tina have been in the business of HVAC for nearly three decades, HVAC has been a lifelong family business for Scott. His father started his own HVAC business and Scott began helping him at the age of 13.

Over the years as he watched his father work, he decided this was the career he would dedicate his life to. He went on to become a Certified Refrigerant Technician and earn a Master Sheet Metal license. Once he became licensed and certified he teamed up with his wife Tina to start A/C Unlimited.
The pair run A/C Unlimited from their home in Carver Massachusetts. While they may not have a traditional brick and mortar business, it does not hinder them in way; in fact, Tina considers it to have always been an advantage. Scott and Tina have 4 children, so it was easier to manage parenting and running the business inside of the home when the children were small. While starting out when their children were small, they focused more on providing HVAC services to businesses in the South Shore area. Scott would go out on consultations and repairs while Tina stayed home and handled the finances and bookkeeping, which she says was the hardest part when first starting the business, as she had to do all the accounting and bookkeeping by hand since they did not have accounting software. Over the last couple of years, they’ve shifted more towards offering their services to homes all over the South Shore area, especially in Carver, Plymouth, and Kingston. Tina has also begun to take a more hand on approach to the business by accompanying Scott on the job to give estimates and experience the business from a new perspective.

review businesses

When asked about what makes their business stand out against the competitors, Tina noted a few ways A/C Unlimited stands out. One way that her and Scott tend to stand out in the eyes of their customers is that they genuinely care about the work they are providing. They understand that HVAC services in the home are vital to having a comfortable and safe environment. Oftentimes HVAC businesses have set business hours, but she can’t consciously let a family go cold in the middle of a winter night when their heating appliances malfunction. Therefore, they’ve decided on working all days of the week. Their customer’s safety and comfortability are their top priority. Another way that A/C Unlimited stands out is their honesty and integrity. Tina and Scott like to explain diagnostics as straightforward as they can with their customers and want to make sure their customers understand everything at a step by step process because HVAC systems involve a lot of different services and repairs. Some of the components that go into HVAC systems involve plumbing and electrical, and they are honest about what they can and cannot do when diagnostics go beyond what Scott is licensed to fix. Lastly, they receive many referrals which speaks to how well they do their job. So many of their customers appreciate the work they’ve done for them and notice how well done their work is, so they have a lot of customers spreading word of mouth about their business across Massachusetts.

Currently they are at a very comfortable place in their business endeavors. When asked about any future plans for the business over the next six months, Tina said that she thinks that A/C Unlimited is exactly where It should be right now and wouldn’t really want to change anything for the time being, other than possibly expanding their social media presence. 
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