Need a Sign for Your Business? Try SignDesign in Brockton, MA


Author: T.J. Morrison, BSU student

SignDesign is a Brockton company, which like easily discernible in their name, provides the service and installation, as well as design of signage, whether that be traditional, or a new-tech type of sign. I spoke with Ron Ferrigno of SignDesign, a founder, part owner, and General Manager of SignDesign. Mr. Ferrigno and I had a candid and genuine conversation about his business, the direction he would like to take the business, and the challenges the last year has produced for the business.

When talking to Mr. Ferrigno, he revealed that he is a Brockton native, “City of Champions” as he called it, and that he loves the city. Mr. Ferrigno, in our short time together, was a professional, yet relatable type of guy. He said that SignDesign originally was a business called “Sign Stop”, owned by his father in the late 80s. After his graduation from Providence College, Mr. Ferrigno began working for the company. He eventually purchased Sign Stop, along with his wife, from his father. At the time of taking over, the company had just four employees.
Today, in a Pre-COVID world, SignDesign was operating with about 80 full time employees. The business model evolved from large printing services with Sign Stop, into a multifaceted, diverse product line of sign/advertisement products. The company produces sign merchandise from bathroom signs to massive digital printings.

SignDesign provides the services, as well as installation in 3 different sectors of business, as Mr. Ferrigno stated. The first is institutions, such as our very own Bridgewater State University, whom SignDesign has provided signage to since 1995. The second is retail and corporate, and the third is events and point of purchase areas. About a third of the business that SignDesign sees in a normal year is from the events sector, which makes up a large chunk of earnings. Events such as concerts, sporting games, etc. were a big part of the business for SignDesign, and COVID restrictions have caused some challenged for the business. 

SignDesign has created some well-known products that many have seen for years and may have never known. The company did the bowl sign in Gillette for almost 20 years. SignDesign also provides service on signs in and around Bridgewater State University.

When asking Mr. Ferrigno about what separates his business and the competition, his biggest point of emphasis is that unlike other businesses in the industry, SignDesgin is truly a partnership between the customer and the company, not just a transaction. SignDesign excels because most players in the industry are specialty services, doing one or two of the three sectors, where SignDesign can provide creation and service in all three, simultaneously.

In the coming months, Mr. Ferrigno sees growth and a boom with a return to normalcy, and events, their biggest seller, coming back in full spring in a post-COVID world. Graduations in the spring, summer concerts, such as Hatch Shell, a Boston festival which SignDesign services, could also be making a return. Mr. Ferrigno sees a modest 1st quarter, a better 2nd quarter, and an unprecedented 3rd quarter due to pent up demand for product. Mr. Ferrigno hopes to expand his business into a more digital world as well, already on Facebook, as well as Instagram. The company is working on a more user-friendly website, which will allow online transactions as well as the traditional kind in the brick & mortar location.

The best way currently to connect with the team is through the website, where every team member lists their office number, cell number and Email. SignDesign is truly a family owned, family-oriented business, that wants to grow and thrive with its customers. I’d recommend anyone to do business with them, as their owner is a great representation of what it means to be a business owner. All in all, SignDesign is my recommendation for any and all signage needs in the Massachusetts area!

Visit SignDesign at: 170 Liberty Street in Brockton, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: 508-580-0094
Facebook: @signdesigninc
Instagram: signdesigninc