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Roukoz Anaoum is of Lebanese descent and is the owner at Randolph Center Auto Body and Detailing. They are a one stop shop for all things auto body. The business was started in 2017, so it is fairly new. As stated by Roukoz, the auto body business is very profitable and it is a need that must be fulfilled; hundreds of accidents happen every day and shops have to be able fix these vehicles. He said that the toughest thing about opening was all of the paperwork and legal work that had to be done prior to starting business. The number of licenses and legal requirements was kind of overwhelming he said, but once that was done it was smooth sailing. He hired a couple of auto body professionals and business started booming.

He stated that the toughest part about having a business in 2020 is the amount of technology people have access too. Certain customers can tell very easily if the price you’re charging them is a fair one, which it usually is. The thing that some people don’t understand about auto body is that if you want it done correctly the first time, it’s not going to be dirt cheap. He states that a lot of work goes into it, mainly prep work, in order to have a better finished product, so that you won’t have to come back again to have the same job done over because it was done poorly the first time. 

Roukoz states that you should pick his shop over somebody else’s because he makes you feel like family. He is a small shop with just 2 employees. He connects with you and makes you feel welcomed and treats every job with a high level of importance. Many of the bigger shops just see dollar signs, instead of actual people who just need some help after getting into an accident. His employees have a sense of pride and make sure to finish each job to perfection; cars that leave Randolph Center Auto Body look brand new and with a smile on the customer’s face.

He states that the number one way he brings in customers is by word of mouth. Currently, he does not have a dedicated website, it’s in the works; all he has is a Facebook page. He says that word of mouth is very powerful, almost every new customer that comes to his shop had someone recommend it to them. He definitely wants to be more connected with technology, and a website is near the top of his priority list. He states that a year down the road he would like to have a website and maybe hire one more employee because the workload is becoming a little heavy for just two autobody professionals to handle. He states that it is not a bad problem to have. He is grateful that business is doing great and welcomes new customers with open arms. 

Visit Randolph Center Auto Body and Detailing at 90 Pleasant Street, Randolph MA or contact them via:
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