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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - tnt automotive exterior

Author: Yacoub Melhem, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - tnt automotive exterior

TNT Automotive located at 1150 N Main St. in Randolph, MA has been a staple for customers’ automotive repair needs since he opened up in 1985. Owner and operator Elias Touma has only known the automotive business. Although located and been there for numerous years, Touma currently resides in Roslindale, MA.

Which is a fairly decent commute for him in the morning. Before residing to Roslindale, Touma was born in raised in Lebanon before moving to the United States. In Lebanon is where he was introduced to the automotive industry. Ever since, it’s all he’s known and the only thing he sees himself ever doing. Growing up in Lebanon working around and on cars all day is what began this passion. His passion also leads to a dream of one day owning his own business. Becoming his own boss one day was something he was always wanting to accomplish.
When he first opened up his automotive shop, he states “everything was hard”. The long hours, and the work that goes in to keep making his business succeed was not easy. He states one the hardest things at first was to find employees who were motivated enough to make sure the business was always succeeding and continuing to impress customers with the work they were providing. When starting a business at first Touma had trouble at first finding employees who he could trust with his business. This was a passion of his for so long he didn’t want just anyone to work for him. He wanted someone who he could trust that was also an someone who was reliable as well. The reason being is that he knows the customer is the most important aspect of his business. Touma stated that was the same thing that was difficult for him since the day he opened and still holds true to this day. Retaining customers and finding new customers will always be the most crucial aspect of his business.

​In order to make his business stand out, Touma knows he and his employees need to always put the customer first. Touma knows his work needs to stand out for his customers in order for them to continue to come back and trust him. “I always want to earn their trust”, he stated. By having that trust, and with his quality of work standing out, he hopes that will always set him above the competition. This trust has equated to him having Randolph police officers choosing to have automotive work done on their own cars at TNT Automotive.

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - tnt automotive interior

Social media sites, such as Facebook, have been a huge advantage that Eli has taken advantage of. When first starting the business, he didn’t have this platform to advertise and wishes he had this as his disposal when starting the business. It is currently his number one way to advertise and get new customers into the business. Touma also states “word of mouth can help more than people think these days.” Facebook and other social media posts are helpful, but getting a satisfied customer to advertise for you is the best way to get your business out there and have customers that are very satisfied speak highly of you. It’s not lost on him that because he has this trust from his customers, that he is succeeded more than he ever thought. 

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