New Buses Introduced to Business Community in Plymouth and Brockton

South shore business review
South shore business review

The meeting with South Shore Chamber’s Board of Directors and the South Shore Economic Development Corporation was unlike any other meeting they had ever had before. This meeting took place in a newly built motorcoach.  The motorcoach will be added to the upgraded fleet belonging to the Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company.
These meetings are usually held in a boardroom at various locations; however, this one fittingly took place in a motorcoach. The meeting was to update business leaders of the new plans and to give them a look at what the upgrades would look like. They would be able to experience it just like the commuters and bus riders would.
These two groups are committed to expanding housing and industry throughout the southern areas of Boston; therefore, commuter transportation is of high priority to them. The amount of traffic in the area has been their biggest challenge, which is why new initiatives are being considered.
The Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company’s new owners conducted a meeting with the group while being driven around the South Shore Bank to the Hingham Town Hall and back. During the meeting, it was revealed that with the new buses in place, it could remove at least 55 vehicles from the roads. This would mean seeing their investment increase, as more would likely begin to use this form of transportation.
The new owners are also investing upwards of $14 million to acquire new buses to add to their existing fleet, in addition to some major upgrades to the technology of the company. Plymouth & Brockton are projected to get 27 new buses that will also include six motor coaches. All of this is projected to cost them roughly $14 million. The have stated the new fleet of buses will be in operation by late spring of 2020.
The old Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company s owned by Winthrop Sargent, John Cogliano, and Fuerst. They purchased the company in July 2019. Before their purchasing the company, it was owned by the Anzuoni family, who initially purchased it in 1948, which was after they converted from rail to buses. Under the Anzuoni ownership, they were able to grow the transportation service Cape Cod and across to the South Shore. Express service was offered to Logan Airport and they eventually re-introduced the trolley service that was operating in Plymouth.
The same family also acquired the Brush Hill Transportation Company of Boston, McGinn Bus Company in Lynn several other successful businesses. Today, the Plymouth & Brockton Company operates commuter services to Boston, which include trips to and from the Logan Airport. It also includes transportation service from Plymouth to the Cape and onward to Boston. The company employs over 100 people and they have a fleet of motor coaches, trolleys, and transit vehicles. Chances are that if you’ve ever used public transportation in Boston, you’ve ridden in one of their vehicles.