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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - partners in grime before stove

Author: Colby Scarsella, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - partners in grime before stove

A new year means new opportunity and Maddi Burnett took ahold of this opportunity and created Partners In Grime in January of 2021. As a local of Wareham, Ms. Burnett turned her lifelong love of cleaning into a service to help people on the South Shore and the Cape. Partners in Grime specializes in any size cleaning jobs – deep cleans, organizing, simple house chores, RVs, campers and power washing. Even with the wide range of services, Partners In Grime continues to show off their hard work with stunning results. Time after time again, they remove that deep stuck in filth and bring out the once lost shine.

Partners in Grime takes pride in their results and after looking through their social media you can see the results don’t lie. Partners in Grime posts most of their work online to their Facebook and Instagram platforms because they want to be transparent with their customers. Customer satisfaction is what means the most to them.

Word of mouth can have a big impact and Partners in Grime wants to make sure only the best is expected and seen from them. Some of the remarkable cleans on their pages vary from completely covered room floors to toilets and ovens. These cleanups make old, used areas look like brand-new and anyone interested should head over to their pages to see what Partners In Grime can do.
Although Partners in Grime is a fairly new business, they have already shown resilience by persevering through the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Burnett spoke to me about how one of the largest challenges was making sure they are entering houses and performing their services with proper COVID-19 precautions. Partners in Grime works hard to make sure they conquer this challenge by taking all the proper precautions, such as constant mask and glove use, sanitation and more. With all the added worry of the pandemic, Partners In Grime helps to minimize that by always performing their job safely and to the best of their ability. 

According to Ms. Burnett what sets Partners in Grime apart from other cleaning companies is how hardworking and transparent they are. This “let my work speak for itself” attitude not only drives Partners in Grime to produce the best service, but it is also supported by actual results. These results also stem from Ms. Burnett’s passion of cleaning. Although she has only began professionally cleaning a little over a year ago, a clean space has been a way of life. From keeping her car clean, to cleaning a room, Ms. Burnett mentions that she enjoys the satisfaction of seeing things go from dirty to new again. She also mentions that her smile and satisfaction after a deep clean aren’t only from the shine of the clean areas but from helping others.

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - partners in grime after stove

Partners In Grime only set their roots a few months ago but they are already beginning to blossom. The owner Ms. Burnett is a hardworking determined woman who wants to help others as much as she can. Partners in Grime reflects who the owner is and because of that there is so much potential for this business. Partners in Grime will not only amaze you with their cleaning ability, but it will be done safely and respectfully. Spring is right around the corner and if you need just about anything to be spotless then give Partners In Grime a call.  

Partners in Grime is based in Wareham, MA and serves the South Shore and Cape Cod areas.
Contact them via:
Phone: (774) 400-2747
Facebook: @partnersingrime21