Professional Medical Equipment Repair at All Purpose LLC in Brockton, MA

All purpose

Author: Ashley Pires, BSU student

I chose to conduct my interview with Ademar Mendes and Evandro Fernandes at All Purpose LLC. It’s a small business located in Brockton, Massachusetts. The company specializes in repairing oxygen respiratory machines. It’s run by two very good friends –  Ademar and Evandro, who are both managers. Together they help to provide quality service within their industry and community.

Both the owners started at a company called Invacare. It was one of the leading medical device manufacturers in the country. Unfortunately, after years of working there, the company decided to shut down their Service Division. They then decided to open up their very own business in July of 2017. When they first started off they worked in Evandro’s basement. By August of that year, they outgrew their workspace. They then relocated to a warehouse where they’d have more space. As the business took off they eventually had to relocate an even bigger warehouse. What originally started off as a two-person company eventually expanded. They now currently have thirteen employees.

When asked what the toughest part about opening a business was Ademar responded doing things they weren’t accustomed to. They had to learn all other aspects of owning a business. That meant having to learn about accounting and sales. They also felt that the hiring process was difficult. They didn’t want just anyone working for them, they wanted someone who is just as passionate about the job as they were. Money isn’t the motivating factor to them it’s the passion. They want to ensure that they are giving quality service.

Another one of the questions I asked Ademar was what differentiates their company from others. His response was their delivery and Passion. To him, they aren’t selling a product but rather a service. Their main focus is on accommodating customers and providing quality service at a low cost. 

When asked, how they bring in new customers Ademar stated that they had to use their past business relationships to build new business relationships. Daily admire reaches out to new customers through email and phone to keep the business thriving. Internet technology has also played a big part in the growth and success of their business. They have a company website and are on Facebook and Instagram. Today social media plays an essential role in any business’s marketing strategy. The company currently has the right tools in order to help market their business. What he found to be difficult is capitalizing it. Since the company is run by just the two, they find it difficult to keep up with it.

Six months from now Ademar hopes to see his company continue down the same path. He feels that the company is doing a tremendous job and has come a long way. In a year or two, he hopes to double in size. Personally speaking, I feel that it will. I truly enjoyed speaking to Ademar. He spoke very passionately about his line of work and it clear to me that he and his partner give it their all. I have no doubt that this company will grow to be even more successful. 

All Purpose LLC is located at 363-365 North Main Street in Brockton, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone number: 1-877-595-8317
Facebook: @allpurposellc