Take a Break At Coffee Break Café


Author: Andrew Trainor, BSU student

Are you a coffee lover?  Do you find that quality coffee and exceptional service are hard to come by?  I have the answer for you.  Coffee Break Cafe is all about better coffee and service.  Coffee Break Cafe first opened its doors at 12 Old Colony Avenue in Quincy, Massachusetts on March 3, 1996.  CBC is a locally owned, independent coffee shop serving specialty coffee using only the highest quality, locally sourced products available. 

I recently interviewed the owner, Jennifer Ormond, to learn more about her and her business.  She told me at the time her and her husband decided to start the business, she could not find a high quality cup of coffee anywhere.  “At the time, I worked as a waitress and bartender.  Service was extremely important to me. 

I wanted to spend my hard earned money on high quality coffee accompanied by great service.  There was no such thing.”  This is what ultimately sparked the inspiration to open her own coffee shop.

In the beginning they were doubted.  They were told their business would not survive.  According to Jennifer, “We kept going because we believed in our idea.”  Today, they own and operate four Coffee Break Cafe locations; a second location in Quincy, a location in Milton, and Hyde Park as well.  Mr. and Mrs. Ormond pride themselves on the business they have built.

There is an abundance of factors that separate Coffee Break Cafe from the rest.  “We buy our beans exclusively from four different certified specialty coffee roasters.  The beans are micro-roasted in small batches several times throughout the week and shipped immediately to ensure freshness and a variety that is truly unique to Coffee Break Cafe.  Organic options are also available.  We do business with local bakeries that are open 7 days a week.  Our food is delivered fresh every day and our dairy is from a local farm, free of hormones.”

“Coffee Break Cafe believes in eye contact and real smiles.”  The customer service they provide is just as important as the food and beverage that they serve.  From start to finish, a CBC employee will personally take your order and deliver it to you to ensure customer satisfaction.

Jennifer explained how they do the “right thing” and give back to the community.  “My husband and I put our values first.  We recycle, compost and we do business with companies who share the same values.  Unfortunately, we find that most people don’t care much about what we consider the good stuff.  We don’t use styrofoam.  Although attractive from a business standpoint because it is so affordable, its negative impact on the environment makes it unacceptable for us to use.”  

I asked Jennifer, what makes Coffee Break Cafe different from other coffee shops?  “Our reputation is centered on our iced coffee.  We treat our iced coffees with care and do it right and people love it. 

We melt the sugar and mix it “bartender style”.  You will never stick your straw in a Coffee Break Coffee and get chunks of granulated sugar at the bottom.  Plus we carry 13 flavors!  Additionally, we are also known for our home made cream cheese options.  We have buffalo chicken, chive, veggie, garlic and herb, maple bacon, black olive and feta, and artichoke and spinach.”

“Coffee Break Cafe supports local artists and musicians.  We host live music and display local artwork at all of our locations.  We offer free story time for children and have free community meetings.  We have complementary games and books for our customers to utilize anytime.  Free Wi-Fi is available as well.”

Coffee Break Cafe will continue to grow.  They will be opening two more locations in the near future.  I have personally enjoyed a cup of coffee from Coffee Break Cafe.  I vouch for this business.  The coffee is delicious and the service exceptionally personable.  Their motto holds true.

Superior Coffee – Superior Service

Visit Coffee Break Cafe at:
​12 Old Colony Ave., Quincy

77 Parkingway, Quincy

24 Central Ave., Milton

680 Truman Parkway, Hyde Park

Contact Coffee Break Cafe via:

​Website: coffeebreakcafe.net

Facebook: @ionlydrinkcoffeebreakcoffee

Twitter: @coffeebreakcafe

Instagram: @coffeebreakcafe

Email: info@coffeebreakcafe.net