Thirsty for a Juice or Smoothie? Try Vela Juice Bar in Plymouth, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - vela juice bar drinks

By: Hannah Corner, BSU student

Finding a need and capitalizing on it is the first step in creating a successful business.  That is exactly what Ana Walsh and Daniel Gallivan did when they opened Vela Juice Bar in 2014. Juice bars in Plymouth were few and far between six years ago, Ana and Daniel saw that potential, left their full-time careers behind, and completely changed up their lifestyles to pursue their dream. This dream was to own a juice and smoothie shop, that was built around healthy living, and their community. Daniel was previously working full-time in Boston Real Estate and ate at the same juice bar every day, Ana was constantly traveling for her non-profit job, and loved visiting juice shops all over the country.

These experiences, along with their mutual love for healthy eating and living, is what really sparked the idea to open this business. In 2013-2014 when Vela Juice Bar came to life, Plymouth was an up and coming town, Ana and Daniel knew there was no better time than now to jump right in and make this dream a reality.

Opening your own business is far from easy, but these two were willing to put in the work, and take the risk, because the reward would be so worth it. The beginning stages were definitely the toughest, whether it was the 15-hour workdays 7 days a week, or the fear of leaving full time careers, and not making money, or the simple fact that they had never done anything like this before. There were no steps to follow, they were doing this all on their own, and learning everything along the way. With that being said, Ana and Daniel both agree that they wouldn’t change a single thing about their journey as business owners. 

The quality of the product and the quality of the service at Vela Juice Bar is what really sets them apart from other juice shops. It is clear that Ana and Daniel take pride in what they do, they take pride in their food, they take pride in their employees, and they take pride in their community. Whether your ordering a fresh squeezed juice or smoothie made right in front of you at the bar, or your feeling hungry and order a homemade salad or sandwich, they always use fresh, top quality produce, and you can really taste the difference. When it comes to the quality of their service, Ana and Daniel know the importance of great customer service, and how it impacts their business. All of their employees are always friendly and personable, really taking the time to talk with every customer who walks through the door

. They are happy to answer any questions you might have about Vela Juice Bar and the menu. The care that Ana and Daniel put into their business, their employees, and their customers really shows how much they love what they do, and it is why they are so successful.

Since opening their doors to Plymouth in 2014, they have expanded and recently opened a second location in Buzzards Bay, this past year. You can expect the same top-notch experience at the new Bourne location, that you know and love at the Plymouth shop. Ana and Daniel have a lot of big dreams for Vela Juice Bar, they are looking forward to an amazing first summer at the Buzzards Bay store, and if the opportunity presented itself, they would love to open a third location. Which lucky town will be next?

Visit Vela Juice Bar at one of these locations:  

Plymouth location:
71 Court Street, Plymouth, MA
​Hours: 7am-6pm 7 days a week


Buzzards Bay location:
89 Main Street, Buzzards Bay, MA
​Hours: 7am-6pm 7 days a week


Due to COVID-19, Vela Juice Bar has temporarily changed their hours to 8:30am to 3:30pm, seven days a week, at both locations. Thank you!

Contact them via:
Facebook: @velajuicebar
Instagram: @velajuicebar
Twitter: @velajuicebar