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Boston Massachusetts - Luxury Detailz

By:Nader Kaddura , Katie Houde , Jake Graden 

Established in 2021 with a vision and love for vehicles, owner Nicholas (Nick) Alves set out to find a new way for customers to seek their automotive needs from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic showed us that traditional brick and mortar businesses are susceptible to risks. This sparked an idea in Nick’s head by taking the services directly to the customer, he could avert the risks. He had a vision and intended to capitalize on it. Taking a risk on himself and his ideas, he spent thousands of dollars on a sprinter van, purchased a generator, power washer, water tank, cleaning, and detailing supplies to start the business he envisioned. He then spent the next couple of weeks retrofitting the van to his needs and setting up shop on 4-wheels.  

Luxury Detailz - Boston MA

Nick stated that the hardest part of starting any business was the beginning because you face many challenges such as marketing, pricing and go through a lot of trial and error to figure out what works and what does not. He stated that he spent weeks experimenting with different marketing campaigns such as business cards, online ads through Yelp / Google, and even attending car meets with hopes of reaching his target audience. What really helped him the most was the integration of social media and eventually a website. Nick said his social media presence is constantly gaining him exposure while providing free marketing. The business’s Instagram @luxurydetailzgarage has over 15,000 followers and the Tik Tok @theluxurydetailz has over 84,000 followers. He found Instagram to be the most useful of both as most of his followers are generally in the Massachusetts area and has even had clients direct message him off the platform. Tik Tok on the other hand is great for exposure and getting views but rarely translates to physical business as followers on Tik Tok are much more scattered geographically. On top of social media, Nick developed his own website where customers pay online for the service and can book appointments while scoping out availability that works best for their schedule. 

Luxury Detailz - Boston Massachusetts

Today, Luxury Detailz offers a plethora of services to all over Massachusetts (primarily South Shore towns) from simple washes and cleanings to ceramic coatings, paint corrections, fog light cleaning, and many more automotive services, done all from the comfort of your home. Nick says he takes pride in his work and loves the satisfaction of seeing customers’ faces when their car looks as new as the day, they got it. Whether the job is big or small, Luxury Detailz offers competitive pricing and packages based on customer needs so that everyone can be satisfied. Luxury Detailz services all makes and models from your everyday cars all the way up to Lamborghinis / Ferraris and has even had some famous customers from our beloved Patriots. So far, Luxury Detailz has serviced over 300 vehicles and that is with Nick being the sole operator. Nick hopes to grow the brand in the coming years by getting more vans on the road, having employees, and one day having a physical drop off location for big projects. 

Luxury Detailz is a mobile business serving the South Shore area of Massachusetts and beyond. You can contact them via:


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Phone: (508) 944-7535

Instagram: @luxurydetailzgarage

Tik Tok: @theluxurydetailz