Always Wanted to Learn an Instrument? Look No Further Than Haynes Private Music Lessons


​Author: Josh Norton, BSU student

Haynes Private Music Lessons is a music studio in Bridgewater, Massachusetts that provides one-on-one lessons for a variety of different instruments to people of all ages. After talking to Mr. Carlton Haynes, the owner of the business, it was no surprise to me why he decided to dedicate himself to music education for other people in the community.

is a true lover of music and enjoys playing all sorts of different styles including gospel, jazz, R&B, rock, and classical. Mr. Hayne’s love for music began at a young age when he learned to play the piano. Although the piano was his favorite, he went on to learn multiple other instruments including the guitar, bass, violin, and the drums, all of which he teaches to his students. Mr. Haynes has done big things in the music industry playing professionally for 25 years and, winning multiple classical piano concerto competitions in different states across the US. When hiring teachers Mr. Haynes has high standards and chooses highly qualified musicians with impressive credentials like his, all of which you can see on the website.
Mr. Haynes opened the studio at 625 Bedford Street in Bridgewater just less than a year ago in 2019 and began teaching music to over 40 different students. Lessons are provided for the piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, drums, cello, and singing as well, in half hour or hour-long sessions. Instruments can be rented out inexpensively from the studio for anyone who doesn’t yet own them to be taken home and practiced, which makes trying out a new instrument much less expensive. Every six months students have the chance to show off everything that they have learned at concerts put together by the team at Haynes Private Music Lessons.

During its first year of opening, the business faced a major obstacle with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Students were no longer able to come into the studio for lessons, but this did not stop Mr. Haynes and the rest of the staff from teaching their students. The studio immediately started putting out very detailed lessons online so they would be able to continue learning from home. When the state began reopening the studio was finally allowed to open back up and began rushing to comply to all of the states Covid-19 social distancing and sanitation policies and so that they’d be able to take students back in for in person lessons as soon as they could. Once again, the number of people coming in for lessons began to rise.

Mr. Haynes has big goals for Haynes Private Music Lessons and wants to continue spreading his love for music to many more people throughout the South Shore by taking on even more students and opening another studio. Through the use of different social media outlets more customers are finding out about the studio and taking interest and it is clear that once people find out about Haynes Private Music Lessons they are hooked. The proof is in the reviews, with all of them encouraging people who are interested in learning an instrument to reach out to Mr. Haynes. 

Visit Haynes Private Music Lessons at: 625 Bedford Street in Bridgewater, MA

Contact them via:
Phone: 508-456-4447
Instagram: @haynesprivatemusic