Dining Out With Family? Want to Sit at the Bar and Catch the Game? Bates Bar and Grill is the Place To Be

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - bates bar and grill store front

Author: John Newcomb, BSU student

Bates Bar and Grill is a locally owned restaurant located in the town of Braintree, Massachusetts.  This one of a kind establishment fulfills this designation for many reasons.  The first being that they are historically based off the once well-known Bates Opera House (Weymouth, MA).  The theatre gave inspiration for the new upcoming restaurant and ultimately lead to its new name and recognition.  I took a step inside, to find out more about this business came to be, today.

Once inside the establishment, I was informed to talk to the manager and owner, Elizabeth (Liz) Sarras.  Before jumping right into the restaurant itself, I decided it would be best to get to know the people/person who started the business.  Liz quickly showed me that she was very comfortable in the restaurant business and I soon found out that this was because she has been around this type of work since she was 14.  Liz said that owning a business is the path she went down because she could not see herself working in another desk-job type field.  Her favorite part of owning a business is the customer interaction/relation side of work.  Liz then went into detail about how Bates Bar and Grill became what is.

Ultimate Pizza became a popular local establishment back in 1996; and was eventually renamed to what we see today as Bates Bar and Grill, in 2018.  The sudden change of name came about after a tragedy occurred within the business.  An electrical fire cause serious damage to the establishment.  Liz claims that the fire was not the toughest part of her business career, but the battle with an insurance company was.  She used this situation as momentum and said that it proved to never accept failure, even in the worst situation.  When asked if she could start back over from day 1, the only thing Liz said she would change about her business is to have better insurance coverage, to better protect her valuable assets and overall business.  Having gathered a little background information on the business itself, we quickly focused the questions onto the present side of the business world

In 2020, running a business is much different than what it was back when they started (1996).  Today, Liz says that the hardest and most important part of a business is the social media aspect.  She says this influence can make or a break a business and gave many reasons as to why.  Liz says that based off a simple review online or through social media, a whole customer base can either be reached or completely lost.  She also claims that it is not something an owner can take a break from because in the highly competitive restaurant business, consumers can quickly be influenced just by seeing or hearing of a restaurant.  Bates does indeed keep up with their social media and gets great reviews from most, if not all, of its customers.  These high ratings come from a variety of factors. From the customer friendly staff, to the new use of upgraded technology throughout the entirety of the building, to the always perfectly prepared food and drinks as seen on Phantom Gourmet, Bates is always looking to give each customer a perfect and memorable experience. 

​Finally, when asked where Liz sees the business in the future, she claims that she would love to see it “Right where it is today.  Maintaining the success we have had over the years”.  Bates does not plan on expanding any time soon in the future and plans to strive with its one local location.  Bates will continue to satisfy each customer; no matter the age, that walks through their doors.  The family friendly, high energy vibe that comes from within the establishment along with the intriguing history, makes Bates Bar and Grill a must visit for everyone.

Visit Bates Bar & Grill at: 2 Commercial St., Braintree, MA

Telephone: 781-843-0525
Website URL: www.BatesbarandGrill.com
Instagram: @bates_bar_and_grill