An Interview with Evan Lampros, Founder and Proprietor of GGE Systems Group


Author:  Brandon DeAngelis, BSU student


I had the pleasure of interviewing Evan Lampros, small business owner of GGE Systems a pillar of the telecommunications industry. Incorporated during the early boom of internet technology, Evan pioneered the way for GGE and has provided services to a variety of clients both big and small. GGE has assisted other small businesses and larger municipal projects to ensure they get the resources and technology they need to grow and expand their business. Evan is a self-made man and believes that working smart is the most effective way of running a business. He also is a strong believer in trust which is a key point on how he manages clients and considers it the most important part of the business to client relationship.

His philosophy is evident throughout his company and is something that he inspires his employees to follow. Each member of Evan’s team is armed with the wisdom and experience to complete the project to the precise demands of the client.

While Evan’s team is small, he runs an efficient and effective company that guarantees the satisfaction of all clients. Evan keeps his team tightly knit and well informed in order to ensure that each one of his group is keen into the insight of their established trade. The pro of working with Evan rather than a large contractor is the utmost communication that is provided through the path of the project. From start to finish Evan and his company will be there every step of the way with progress reports and status updates to ensure your peace of mind. In the world of big contractors, working with them is a logistical nightmare with hundreds of departments and multiple tracking projects these companies will never provide the attention that GGE can. Evan and his company will do anything to see a project through completion. He is dedicated to providing the best services possible for his client all while keeping them informed, no extra calls, no jumping through hoops, just the personable care and communication of GGE. 

​I have been a friend of the Lampros’ family for many years, I have also been given the opportunity see how Evan runs his company and help work on a few projectsFrom first-hand experience I can say Evan runs a tight ship and there is nothing that slips through the cracks while working for a client. He believes in working hands on with his team which is essential to the communication that will be provided. Evan leaves no stone unturned and has a knack for efficiency and timeliness which are two of his core business principles. I believe that working with Evan and his company; rival the effectiveness of large contractors, Evan alongside GGE stand for something a lot more than just telecommunications they stand for the prosperity of small business.

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Small business is a founding and crucial part of America. I stand to believe that a project no matter the size; whether it is running a single cable or providing internet for the entire Bridgewater State campus, Evan and GGE are the group that can get it done. 

GGE Systems Group is located at 61 Beech Street, Bridgewater, MA

Contact them via:

Telephone: 508.697.4422