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​Author: Saleena Meas

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Sheyla Aponte saw an opportunity to open her own business in Medical Billing and she took it.
I had asked her to tell me about her business and why she had took the line of business she is in. “I had been working in the medical field for over 20 years and I wanted to do something different but stay in the same industry,” Sheyla had said. She has been working in the medical field so long that she became to realize medical billing is her interest.

Her cousin also had his own similar business where he dealt with medical billing as well and he was the one who pushed Sheyla into the medical billing business. Sheyla had experience as a practice manager working in the medical field and dealing with patients medical billing.  She stuck to what she knows and opened her own medical billing services in the South Shore.

South Shore Billing Services opened on March 1st, 2019. This is a new billing company that had entered the South Shore area. According to one patient review, the company is “Extremely competent and knowledgeable staff. Their in-depth knowledge of OBGYN billing is exemplary!”       
We all know that wanting to open our own business is difficult but there is always something that inspires us to open our dreams and open up that business.

The toughest thing Sheyla went through when opening her own business was being able to create a proposal and presenting the proposal to her clients. Sheyla ‘s first client is her previous job the Commonwealth of OBGYN. The proposal had to offer something she would be able to do that other billing services couldn’t. She had to create a proposal that would work for her and her clients as well as being able to present her company to patients new and old.
What inspired Sheyla to keep going as she was getting the business off the ground was the pay and the flexibility of being able to create her own schedule. She also wanted to be able to work for herself other than working for someone else. She always dreamed about being her own CEO.

There are couple obstacles about having your own business , such as how much money is needed to run a business, how much employee can you afford, and what to do to keep the business up and running. 

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I had asked Sheyla what she would do differently if she had the chance to start over from day 1.  She had no change because the business is running great. But, the most difficult challenge she faced was understanding the accounting piece of opening up a business; learning how to financially run a business for the first time and learning the tax-off aspects of the company. What part of the business can be written off for taxes as well as being able to keep the business running smoothly and bring in money every day. The toughest part about having in business in 2020 for Sheyla is that it is still brand new because South Shore Billing Services had just opened up in 2019.  But the wonderful thing about the business is that it is still up and running.

In the South Shore Billing Services the patients do not have an option to select a billing service because the doctor’s office they go to work with her billing services. But if they had an option, there is exceptional services provided. In this case, new patients are brought up by referrals from Sheyla’s clients. Sheyla hopes into 6 months to a year in the future she would like to see her business be able to gain another client or contract and to hire an assistant. As of right now she is working the business by herself. The business right now as of work is balanced not too busy or not too slow where she is not overworked or underworked.

Sheyla personally wants her business to have the opportunity to grow successfully and to be able to achieve financial success. Sheyla has been very passionate about her services she provides for her patient and clients. She has the satisfaction of when she is able to do something on her own.

Being your own boss and opening a new business alone takes a lot of courage and hard work because it is about doing something that you love and have passion about. 
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