Authentic French Pastries to Fill the Soul – French Memories Bakery and Café, Cohasset MA

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Author: Amber Medeiros, BSU Student 

When you open the door, you are immediately greeted by the comforting smell of fresh homemade baguettes, but this is not your only sense that becomes captivated as you enter the French Memories Bakery. Your eyes will be delighted by all the selections of pastries, chocolates, and colorful macaroons each identical to the other in perfection. The French Memories Bakery is located at 60 South Main Street in Cohasset, Massachusetts. This treasure trove of authentic French delights is provided by the most patient and friendliest employees. The employees are knowledgeable and helpful as you navigate all the delicious options.

The creator behind these beautiful delights is owner and master chef Jean Jacques. When Jean was younger, he served in the French navy traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Later in life, Jean decided to settle down with his wife Anne. Jean Jacques immigrated from France to the United States around 1985. He first lived in Florida working various jobs in the food industry and later moved to Massachusetts. In this time of transition, he worked a variety of jobs, such as painting and roofing. Jean continued to grow and sharpen his skills and in November 1991 the French Memories Bakery and Café in Cohasset, MA was established.

French Memories opened at a time when bakeries were few and far between especially in the South Shore area. At the time, the surrounding area consisted of a tavern and a couple of small shops. The town did not have many options for its locals. The French Memories bakery is a local establishment serving Cohasset and surrounding communities for 30 years. In this time, the French Memories Bakery and Café solidified itself as a local town hangout, providing a place to go and enjoy a croissant and coffee. The bakery and the town of Cohasset have grown to help each other as both have become a significant part of one another’s lives. 

The bakery, like all local small businesses, was impacted by the recent pandemic. French Memories, with the support of the community and loyal customers, was able to survive an unexpectedly difficult year. Jean has declined many opportunities throughout the years to expand his business. He is much happier to continue to serve multiple generations of families from Cohasset and surrounding areas. The current pandemic is not the only struggle in maintaining a small business, but the ability to find employees who do not mind the early hours of the hustle and bustle of a busy bakery. Jean is a small business owner who appreciates his employees and is willing to teach anyone who is eager to learn about the craft.

French Memories is not only owned and operated by master chef Jean Jacques, but his lovely wife Anne and three daughters also work/help at the bakery.  Jean Jacques plans on French Memories continuing well into the future as a family business. He plans on his youngest daughter to eventually take helm. She has even created a Facebook page and Instagram for the business. The new entrance by the business into social media is giving the town’s people another connection to the bakery. The sites provide updated menus and photos of various cakes, croissants, and pastries. The bakery also provides a variety of sandwiches, and even take-home meals, such as authentic beef bourguignon.

French Memories stands out from the rest as one of the only truly authentic French bakeries in the area. A place that his mother would make authentic fresh croissants by hand when she uses to visit from France. This special place allows its customers to experience the best and freshest quality baked goods. You can even buy a home-made treat for your dogs in the shape of bones. The French Memories Bakery and Café invites anyone to come and experience this rare wonder that harnesses the power of human connection and of course the most important, amazing food to experience and share with those you love!

Visit French Memories located: 60 South Main Street, Cohasset, MA 02025

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Phone Number: 781-383-2216
Facebook: @Frenchmemoriescohasset
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