Pamper Yourself at Beautica Nails & Spa in Marshfield, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - beautica nails and spa front

Author: Ben Kalen, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - beautica nails and spa front

Catherine Duong, owner of Beautica Nails & Spa in Marshfield, is in the business of making people feel good and feel beautiful. Catherine has been in the nail business for a long time and decided to start Beautica in 2005. Seeking to expand her scope and services she offers, she became a licensed esthetician to offer skin care and waxing services to her clients. Additionally, she is certified in spray tanning as well. Ms. Duong is supported by a team of three full time employees and two part time employees at her business.

Beautica has grown over the years. Ms. Duong attributes that growth to the dedication and passion she brings to her profession every day. She told me that “I love the feeling of having people leave feeling great about themselves. I give clients the time to enjoy some peaceful quiet time, getting pampered, and treating themselves with a little splurge. You never know what walks of life people come from and how hard their life may be, but they come in to Beautica and leave feeling great, it makes me feel wonderful.” In addition to offering great services, Ms. Duong also sees herself as becoming “a little bit of a therapist for my clients as well, hearing them out and listening to their troubles they may have in their work or relationships.” Ms. Duong feels that this is what gets people to come back as well, as understanding people and making connections can create regular repeat clients. 

In terms of attracting new clients, Beautica has several approaches. The most successful, Ms. Duong told me, was word of mouth from existing clients. “A recommendation from a friend or family member is more trustworthy,” is her philosophy. However, Beautica has expanded to advertising on social media, as well as having a larger presence on social media. Ms. Duong feels that this is especially useful in attracting the millennial demographic in particular. Beautica currently maintains a Facebook and Instagram page and advertises through Google, citing their Google listing in particular as being quite helpful in bring in more traffic. 

Like so many other businesses in the past year, Beautica has had to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic and the multitudes of challenges that it has brought on so many. When the pandemic initially hit Beautica was forced to close their doors for three months from March to June 2020. Since then, they have been able to operate at around 25% capacity and have had a keen focus on safety and making sure guests feel comfortable.

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - beautica nails and spa interior

Beautica follows all CDC guidelines, including always wearing masks and gloves. They have installed splash guards on all their stations as well as clear curtains at their pedicure stations. When clients arrive in the door, they are temperature checked and instructed to use hand sanitizer. On top of that they are also required to wash their hands with soap and water before receiving any services or treatments. Ms. Duong told me that her clients have responded very well to these procedures and have felt very happy and safe to come in.

Beautica is a place where people can, feel relaxed, and get pampered by Ms. Duong and her excellent staff. In addition to the many services she offers currently including a wide range of nail care, skin care, waxing, and spray tans, Ms. Duong also hopes to offer eyelash extensions once the pandemic is over. If you are looking feel great and feel beautiful and be treated by expert professionals, then be sure to stop by Beautica Nails and Spa in Marshfield.  

Visit Beautica Nails and Spa at: 17 Webster Square in Marshfield, MA.

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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - beautica nails and spa owner