Buddah Belly Farms: Natural Handcrafted Candles

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - buddah belly farms display

Author: Julia Gillis, BSU Student

Do you know what chemicals are being released from the candles inside your home? Most consumers don’t read the label before or after purchasing their candles. Wouldn’t you love a candle that offers a delightful scent, while also being aware of all ingredients used to create the candle. A local business known as, Buddah Belly Farms, located in East Bridgewater, is run by Adrianna and Jason Tautkus. These co-owners have devoted their time and energy into carefully mastering candles that are designed with eco-friendly materials, while keeping up with the latest trends.

Born and raised on the South Shore, Adrianna grew up in Marshfield, while Jason resided in Hanson. This lovely couple is now settled in East Bridgewater with their young baby, Owen. They have always wanted a farm, which is why Buddah Belly Farms was created.
The owners chose this line of business because of their hobby in candle making. Around February 2019, was when the business was created. Her first candles were given to friends and family as gifts. Those who had the pleasure of receiving one of her candles, were instantly impressed.

Buddah Belly Farms offers qualities that their competitor’s do not. The reason Buddah Belly stands out over its competitors, like Yankee Candle, is because their candles are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients. These natural soy candles are 100% non-toxic making them safe to burn and handle. Their all-natural soy candles are derived from soy beans which are constituted as a renewable resource and are biodegradable. Soy wax, allows their candles to burn up to 50% longer than leading competitors, who may use paraffin wax that emits highly toxic carcinogens such as: Benzene and Toluene. Their customers are receiving products that are going to burn longer, and are also receiving an eco-friendly candle. The candles burn cleaner and at a lower and safer temperature. While also made with a lead-free and zinc-free “eco-wick.”

The first hardship the new business encountered when opening was the initial investment. Like any startup company, it is difficult to purchase supplies and equipment without receiving any revenue. What inspired them to keep going as they were getting their business off the ground, was their hope for the future business, as it will expand into a real farm and they will run their own shop. Marketing and brand awareness are their most difficult challenge and toughest part about having a business in 2020. With so much noise on social media, attending craft fairs and having her products in select stores, are their preferred methods of generating brand awareness. They continue to work at standing out on social media.

Technology does play a role in the company’s marketing and making their company more successful. The internet, their website, and Facebook help in getting their name out, and also purchasing candles online. However, Buddah Belly Farms prefers personal contact and in store marketing. Even with the right tools, the internet may not replace the personal connection you make in store when buying a candle from Buddah Belly Farms.

Adrianna and Jason want to be the face of their company, no matter the size of the business. They will remain active owners and increase their interaction with their customers. They want to be running the day-to-day operations, so they are able to keep connection with their customers. The owners hope that in 6 months to a year they will be closer to owning their own shop.

The number 1 way that Buddah Belly Farms currently brings in new customers is with creativity, and designing their own candles more unique than any competitor. Recently added to their collection are two candles named: Relax and Zen and Crystal Nights.  These are candle creations that you will not want to miss! Relax and Zen, resembles yoga vibes with the scent of incense. Crystal Nights, portrays just how unique Buddah Belly Farms truly is. These candles have beautiful, shimmering crystals that can be seen from every angle. 

Buddah Belly Farms is always innovating new products for their customers. Please visit their website, reach out through Facebook, or attend one of their many craft fairs to learn more and to purchase your candle today!

Contact Buddah Belly Farms via:

Telephone: 508-690-0653
Email: BWFarms@gmail.com
Website: BBellyFarms.com
Facebook: @BuddahBellyFarms19