Protein Shakes, Energizing Teas, and More at Blend Nutrition in South Weymouth, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - blend nutrition interior

Author: Elena Berry, BSU student

The business I chose is Blend Nutrition which is located right in South Weymouth at 100 Pleasant St. Blend Nutrition encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering energizing teas, protein enriched meal replacement shakes, protein coffee, collagen boast tea and many more products. It makes healthy option food as available as ‘fast food’, allowing customers to come in, order a delicious shake that tastes as good as a milkshake but helps to slim down and build muscle. They have over 100 different flavors for their protein shakes, and always switching in new ‘seasonal’ flavors as well.

Blend’s grand opening was on September 29, 2018. The owner, Alyse McIver has always been into fitness and eating healthy. She was confident about starting up Blend because of how healthy lifestyles is a big trend right now, many people are trying to look good, feel good and eat good. Knowing the rise of health conscious Alyse had faith that this company would succeed. This is her first business she has ever owned and managed from the start, terrified but also so excited she explained is how she felt when she got started to open Blend. The location is huge, has a lot of open space which they fill by doing weekly events. Blend holds events that go with the healthy lifestyle; yoga, DIY events, weightless challenges, essential oil classes, and so much more. She wanted to make Blend feel welcoming to all customers, going with an open floor plan with tons of room for people to get together. When first walking into Blend you can see how inviting and relaxing it is there. She wanted to create Blend to show people eating healthy does not have to be that difficult, that a healthy lifestyle is very obtainable. The business wants to be known as a fast and easy but still healthy alternative, getting customers in and out quickly but the atmosphere is inviting for customers to stay for a few if they have time. A large space with tables throughout the store, large enough for people to stay and get some work done while enjoying a Blend product. Blend is a perfect stop for the whole family, delicious tasting shakes the kids love and the nutrition in them that all parents love to see. 

Alyse is from the surrounding town Abington, where her family owns a gym that had Powerhouse Nutrition inside of it. When her family saw how popular Powerhouse Nutrition was, they decided to create a nutrition place that stood alone and not inside a gym. It is located in Columbian Square in Weymouth which is a populated area. Alyse was afraid of the parking for Blend Nutrition just because it is located right inside a busy intersection but after a few months of being open she realized parking did not have that heavy of a negative effect, and that customers were still coming and going abundantly.

Blend is still working on an official website that introduces their way of helping customers reach a healthy lifestyle. They are actively on Instagram and Facebook, which is where customer goes to find information. There Instagram is used daily, uploading pictures of new shake flavors, telling their customers about events going on at blend, their new products and daily uploaded posted by Alyse herself. She said she would rather have Instagram as a main social media application they use for Blend because of how easily it is. She is able to upload daily and interact with the customers who follow their Instagram page. Alyse described the hardest part of opening Blend was finding good employment. She wanted to build a trustworthy team, who know the products well and want the best for their customers. Being a first-time blend customer, there is usually a lot of questions the customers have. What are the shakes, the nutritional facts of all the products, how their products work and the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Alyse needed to find employers that are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and who want to see their customers happy.

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100 Pleasant Street, South Weymouth, MA
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Telephone: 781-660-5747
Facebook:  Blend.Nutrition
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