Cakes, Cannoli, and More at Giuseppe’s Cakes Etc. in Hanover, MA


Author: Vanessa Puopolo, BSU student

In the town of Hanover, Massachusetts, there is only one bakery – Giuseppe’s Cakes Etc., a small family owned bakery on the South Shore. Joseph and Christine Perella are the owners of Giuseppe’s Cakes Etc. for seventeen years now. Joseph, a retired maintenance manager for a Boston housing project, bought the business in the spur of the moment. Joseph’s stepdaughter had a job at the local bakery with the previous owners of the shop. When the previous owners decided to sell, Joseph and Christine decided to take a chance by taking over the business and gave it its own family style.

Giuseppe’s Cakes specializes in custom made cakes, cupcakes and pastries for all special occasions. They also have a tremendous assortment of Italian pastries which include cannolis and tiramisu. They use a homemade recipe for their amazing buttercream frosting.  Any idea you have for a cake I am positive that Joseph and Christine can successfully produce it for you. They have many photos of their most decorative cakes on their website.

​As any business owner would say, great customer service is always a key factor in any successful business.  Providing great customer service not only attracts customers but maintains their loyalty. It’s Joseph’s customers that motivate him to come to work every day. Joseph describes his business as a “Ma and Pop business”. In other words, the business is typically running by family members who treat their customers as part of their family. When you come into Giuseppe’s Cakes you will find Joseph behind the counter with his friendly smile and contagious giggle. You will also find his charming wife Christine, being the one to take your order and answer any questions that you might have. Sometimes you can even find their grandchildren helping out by putting boxes together.

When I had the pleasure interviewing Joseph, I asked What was the toughest thing he went through when opening? Joseph said that getting recognized was probably the hardest thing to accomplish when first opening up business. Joseph relied on his reputation and his customers to intrigue new business opportunities. In the long run this worked out in Joseph and Christine’s favor because they have maintained a profitable business in a difficult industry.

Many businesses have suffered hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic, but for Giuseppe’s Cakes, they have been working right through with little to no setbacks from their usual routine. They have implemented changes to their social distancing and the amount of people that are allowed in their business. The staff has been working diligently to make sure they are all safe and protected from the virus.

If you are ever in the Hanover area, make sure to stop by Giuseppe’s Cakes and try out their mouthwatering cupcakes with their famous homemade frosting. I promise you that you will not be disappointed and why you are there.

Visit Giuseppe’s Cakes, Etc. at 409 Columbia Rd #900 in Hanover, MA.

Contact them via:

Phone number: 781-826-0155
Facebook: Giuseppe’s Cakes, Etc.