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Author: Derick Dacosta, BSU student

When faced with head lice from not only one, but all three of your children at once how would you respond? In 2010, Camille Merian was traveling to a business meeting in Manhattan when she received a phone call from the school nurse informing her that her three children all have head lice. She was not aware that this was the introduction to a complete life change. The children were ordered to stay home until the lice were completely gone and in a month’s time, she completely eradicated the lice from her household.

Once friends and family discovered she handled this task so diligently, she became the person to call when others had this problem and was always selflessly there to assist. A friend informed her that there was a high demand for this work, and since she was already taking care of her friend’s children, it made sense that she pursue sharing her talents with a larger clientele. Camille, always determined to learn and improve, decided to attend a week-long lice treatment seminar in Florida. After that week she obtained all required certifications for the treatment of head lice. The entire investment of the schooling, travel, and hotel fees averaged $3,500.
That investment has proven itself to be worth it for Camille. However, there have been some challenges she did not anticipate. Employees do not work a set schedule, due to the irregular flow of business resulting in limited possible candidates. In any on-call industry, you cannot be certain when the next job will come. It is crucial to find employees who can provide a strong sense of loyalty despite the uncertain schedule. The intrusion of head lice is never planned so it is rare that parents, especially new ones, are prepared when the time comes. Head lice impose harm to a child’s health and hygiene, due to the fact they reside on the scalp and feed off of human blood. If lice exposure is prolonged, the child will experience extreme itchiness and the uncontrollable scratching can increase risk of infection. With the responsibility of a parent placing their trust in you to spare their child’s suffering, it is imperative that all business employees are fully committed to this work and make themselves fully available to every client. This necessity is actually the biggest challenge that burdens her business.

The pandemic has brought another trying business challenge for Camille. Since head lice are transmitted from in-person interaction, the pandemic is making it difficult for lice to find their next victim. With remote learning, strong guidelines to stay home as much as possible, and socially distance when not possible, cases have dropped significantly. Pre-pandemic summers traffic over 100 patients monthly and winter months are the slowest reflecting the decreased social activity during those months. When business is slow, Camille is not afraid to seek opportunity from advertisements online or in printed press. Camille also finds that posting frequently on her business’s social media accounts (mainly Facebook) has provided her increased awareness.

Camille is highly confident in her business values and says CloseNitFamily should be chosen over any other option. Her reasoning includes a brand promise of a 100% guaranteed, all-natural hair lice removal service while prioritizing family needs and a comforting environment. Competitors typically recommend additional topicals to be applied days after treatment to avoid resurgence, CloseNitFamily does not. After your visit you will not have to worry about the lice again. CloseNitFamily is the most trusted and referred head lice removal service on the South Shore. Recommended by all who work with children ranging from doctors and nurses to education professionals.

With affordable rates and success with every case, CloseNitFamily goes above and beyond by providing options for in-home appointments that still follow pandemic guidelines closely. They have helped over 12,000 families and are expanding their services by opening their newest location at 168 Court Street in Plymouth, MA. 

CloseNitFamily is located at 148 Washington Street in Norwell, MA.

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