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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - top notch nutrition owner

​Author: Amy Guinen, BSU student

Top Notch Nutrition, located at 2307 State Rd, Plymouth MA, is serving up the tastiest protein shakes and mega teas you will ever have. Delicious and nutritious are key components to the family run shake business.

Lindsey Ward, owner and coach at Top Notch Nutrition, has been a resident of Plymouth her entire life. In high school, Lindsey found a love for health and fitness after her mother decided to transform her life and become healthier. She learned how to take care of her body and wanted to help others achieve their goals. It became a passion. Lindsey knew that she wanted to give people a quick healthy option and with that passion, Top Notch Nutrition was created.

Before starting Top Notch Nutrition, Lindsey and her mother had clients around town that they would help in their healthy journey. One of their biggest obstacles when starting to get the business together was the idea of not knowing how. Owning and operating a business was something new to them and not knowing what they needed to get it up and running was difficult. They also needed to learn about the financial aspect, as well as marketing to new clients. In the interview, Lindsey stated that her clients and many people around town were giving them support and encouragement to get the business going. People were depending on the business to open, and she knew that they couldn’t give up. The support of the clients and community inspired Lindsey and her mother while getting the business off the ground. On April 28th, 2017 Top Notch Nutrition was officially opened.

Lindsey stated that if she was able to go back to day one and change anything, she wouldn’t. She stated that everything they went through was how she learned to run her business and what got them to where they are now, three years later. 

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - top notch nutrition staff

There is always changing factors when owning a business and new problems to overcome. This year proved no different for Lindsey. In March of 2020 Lindsey became full owner of Top Notch Nutrition after she bought the remaining business from her mother. This was the same day that Governor Baker announced that the state of Massachusetts was going into quarantine. Not only did Lindsey need to navigate the differences in being the sole owner, she needed to navigate the changes and rules set forth due to the current pandemic. Lindsey also already had plans to start a renovation of the club they were in.

While all this was happening at once, she said a “calm panic” had taken over. Since the pandemic and navigating through the new regulations, they were able to stay open the whole time by offering curbside pickup and text ahead ordering.

Technology offers a big part in the growth of business. Lindsey stated that technology is one of the biggest ways they are bringing new clients. They are primarily found on Facebook. There you can find their up-to-date hours, as well as specials they are having and any info about giveaways. They also use Instagram to show off their delicious and healthy shake options as well as conduct polls of the products they offer.

While talking to Lindsey you could tell her sense of pride for her business and her love of her customers. Lindsey stated that she values every single one of her customers. She wants her customers to be the number one priority. She also stated that her goal isn’t just to sell her products but to be able to provide something nutritious for her customers and to instill some positivity into each of their days. Lindsey and her employees always make a priority to make sure her customers know they are appreciated. Whether they are telling each and every one of them to have an amazing day or doing multiple customer appreciation days, they just want their customers to feel valued. 

Visit Top Notch Nutrition at 2307 State Rd, in Plymouth MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: (774) 338-5598
Facebook: @topnotchnutrition
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