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Stoughton/Easton native and Bridgewater State University Graduate, Mr. Chuck Hurley, was a high school math teacher – until he was more. Those around him knew he could fix anything, and one day that was put to the test with the fixing of a scoreboard. Not to the surprise of anyone, he completed the task. Scoreboard companies are few and far between, and he had the talent. Sort of falling into the business, Mr. Hurley created Scoreboard Enterprises of Mansfield, Massachusetts and has now installed scoreboards in every town of the South Shore and across New England.

From 1973 to 1981, installing and repairing scoreboards was part-time for Mr. Hurley. He continued teaching, and with having the summers off, was able to get ahead of the curve and complete the jobs before the school year. In 1980, Mr. Hurley received a call from Boston Garden requesting his service. Of course, Mr. Hurley said yes, but not without adding “I just have to cover detention first.” At that point, it was clear this business was sought after and was going to be more than a part-time job. Not seeing opportunity to rise from teacher to administrator, he decided to take Scoreboard Enterprises to the next level and make it his full-time work.

When opening, the toughest task Mr. Hurley endured was dealing with insurance for the business and all it entails. He was starting a company without having any prior knowledge of how to start a business, or of scoreboard work in general. Having mouths to feed and a mortgage, Mr. Hurley was motivated to get his business off and running. He thinks back to his Italian ancestors who worked hard and didn’t make excuses – this is what fuels Mr. Hurley’s strong work ethic.

When commenting on what is the most trying part of having a business in 2020, Mr. Hurley answered “employees”, noting Coronavirus’ impact. Having conscientious employees is extremely important to Mr. Hurley, and he is proud of the ones he has. When asked why customers should use Scoreboard Enterprises, the answer is their reputation. There is very little competition in the scoreboard world, but Mr. Hurley approaches it as if there is.

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What is important to their customers is important to him, which shines a great light on the morals of the company. They have serviced customers small and big, but each one is equally important. A small school needing assistance for a little league game is just as significant as a Boston Garden game. It is known Scoreboard Enterprises will be there, get the job done, and leave the customers happy.

The internet plays an immense role in business today, and Mr. Hurley feels as though it is a blessing. Most of his customers come via the internet or word-of-mouth, as the athletic directors he puts boards up for recommend him to other schools. There was an instance where a school was going with a manufacturer scoreboard installation and their athletic director fought incredibly hard for Scoreboard Enterprises instead. This goes back to having a strong reputation and being able to rely on customers for word-of-mouth. Technology wise, they are constantly trying to keep up with the everchanging world and investing in the best to keep themselves at the top of the heap. They can troubleshoot scoreboards from their office, which is impressive.

Having grown from a small part-time business to installing around the state and more, Mr. Chuck Hurley and Scoreboard Enterprises have flourished. As the years go on, Mr. Hurley passes the baton to his son, Mark. Mr. Hurley sees himself as the Maestro in an orchestra. He now sits back, twirls the baton, listens to the music, and feels confident in the direction of the company. Scoreboard Enterprises hopes to continue to grow and keep their customers happy. 2020 is not a typical year, but Mr. Hurley knows that come spring, there will be a surge of scoreboard needs, and they will only continue to grow.

Scoreboard Enterprises is located at 274 Fruit Street in Mansfield, MA.
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