For All Your Tobacco and Vaping Needs, Try Variety Smoke Shop in Bridgewater, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - variety smoke shop exterior

Author: Tushar Patel, BSU student

Variety Smoke Shop, located in Bridgewater, MA offers an extensive variety of products specializing in lottery, CBD, vaping, tobacco, and tobacco accessories. You are greeted by a welcoming face while walking into the store. The entrance is covered in recent lottery winners. Cigars are kept fresh in the shop, intricate smoking pieces are neatly on display behind and in the counter, and hookahs drape down on the shelf. Variety Smoke Shop takes care of all lottery and tobacco needs.

Ron, the owner of the business, always builds rapport with his customers. Ron has an in depth knowledge of all products including how each piece or pipe operates, the benefits of CBD, and great recommendations detailed to what an individual is searching for.

Different people come into the shop, look around, and buy products. With a wide range of products offered with reasonable price points, it’s no wonder that Variety Smoke Shop keeps their customers happy.

The interview with Ron gave information such as why he got into the smoke shop business, when he got into the business, and political-legal hurdles to overcome.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to meet with me, you have a fantastic shop.
“Thank you.”

What made you get into the smoke shop business?
“A relative currently owns a similar shop. After talking to him about the business, I knew I’d like to have my own business. I also like people so it is a good match.”

When did Variety Smoke Shop open?
“August 2019”

What is the hardest part of the business?
“The vaping ban and the flavor ban. The vaping ban occurred just a month after we opened. The flavor ban is still in affect and we are losing business because of it.”

Is the vaping ban still in affect?
“No, the vaping ban is lifted and we sell vaping products.”
Do you think the flavor ban should be lifted?
“I see why it is there. We have to ID each person. Taxes have risen substantially. Of course I say yes- it should be lifted.”
What makes your shop better than the other similar shops?
“We have lots of different products that other competitors don’t have at reasonable prices.”
And the customer service as well, right?

After speaking to Ron, it is no wonder that Variety Smoke Shop has highly rated reviews on Google and many customers return to the shop. Variety Smoke Shop customers have amazing luck with lottery and new products are always in rotation. Be sure to stop in and check out the marvelous products!

Visit Variety Smoke Shop at: 955 Pleasant St.,  Bridgewater, MA 

​Telephone: 508-443-2255
Website: https://variety-smoke-shop-cigar-shop
Instagram: @varietysmokeshop
 Facebook: @varietysmokeshopbridgewater