Greyhound Tavern in Bridgewater, MA – An Interview with Owner Nick Palermo

Greyhound tavern exterior

Author: Casey Green, BSU student

Q: Are you from this area, If not where are you from?
A: I am not from around here I actually grew up in the North Shore area in Stoneham. I went to Bentley University for four years to get a degree in Business.

Q: Tell me about your business, why did you choose this line of business?
A: We’re a local neighborhood tavern that caters to the needs of everyone who walks through our door. Whether it’s a family out to eat or you’re taking someone on a date it’s a great place for both. As far as why I chose the restaurant industry, I always liked the hustle and bustle of it and the interactions you get to have with people.

Q: What is it that made you want to start this business?
A: I was sick of working a corporate job 9-5 everyday doing the same thing day in and day out. So in 2018 I took the leap of faith and bought my first business, which is here. I like the fast pace environment that brings new challenges every day. There’s times where I’ll be making sure everyone is being served an exceptional meal with exceptional service, then in a couple hours we’ll be preparing for the nightlife scene. While our goal is still exceptional service we also want to make sure our customers are enjoying their night with us.

Q: What separates you from local competition?
A: I’d have to say it is our customer service, this is something I will always reiterate to my staff. Everyone is always friendly and willing to take the extra mile for any customer that we serve. I myself will try my best to greet all of my customers when they arrive to make them feel welcome and create a familiar environment. We’re more than just a bar, we make sure we cater to everyone whether it’s a family, taking someone on a date, or a group of kids from the college here hanging out. We also have great chefs that cook phenomenal food. 

Q: What is your number one way you bring in new customers?
A: Social Media is a great way to market but I think its word of mouth for us. When customers come in, we make sure they have a great experience. We always want to make sure they leave happy so they will recommend us to friends, family, and coworkers. Hearing a good review from someone you trust is the best way to get a new customer through our door.

Q: What was the toughest thing you went through when opening?
A: Like I said earlier I’m from the north shore so I wasn’t really familiar with the area. It seems like it would not be much different but it will surprise you how much it really is. I had to find a way to get people in the area through the door and create loyal customers by showing them what we have to offer.

Q: If you had to start over from day 1 what would you have done differently?
A: As we are opening a new location, that’s actually something I have been thinking about lately. I think I stayed very well organized when preparing to open here so there really isn’t much. The one thing I can definitely think of is creating a more formal and detailed marketing plan. When I started this business I had a general idea of what we would do for marketing, but never invested as much time as I wish I had in creating a formal plan.

Q: Where do you want your business to be in six months to a year?
A: Just like every other business I want to continue to grow. We are currently creating a patio for this location to expand our capacity, as well as create a new scene for when we have warmer weather. I am also in the works of opening a new location which is a huge step forward that I am very excited for.

Q: What kind of owner/manager are you?
A: I am very hands onI like to be on site and show my presence as much as possible here. I’ve always believed in not making my staff do anything I wouldn’t do. If something needs to get done or any of my staff needs help I will never be afraid to get my hands dirty.

Visit Greyhound Tavern at:
39 Broad Street, Bridgewater, MA

Contact them via:
Telephone: (508) 807-5782
Facebook: @Greyhound Tavern
Instagram: @greyhound_tavern