Get Rev’d in Hingham – Cycling to the Beat of the Music


Author:  Molly Farrell, BSU student


Have you ever wanted to find a local place to walk in and truly feel like family? REVD Indoor Cycling strives on their mission to help you achieve your best self, both mentally and physically. REVD provides many different opportunities including their 45 minute ride that focuses around the rhythm of the music.

Co-owner Meaghan St. Marc grew up in Connecticut and received her undergrad degree at Northeastern University in broadcasting. Although St. Marc did not play college athletics, she enjoyed working out and getting involved around campus. Cycling has always been a passion of St Marc’s. After getting used to the Monday through Friday nine-to-five routine, St. Marc noticed she enjoyed her time in the gym the most. St. Marc was reconnected with a mutual friend, Clyde Simms, former player on the New England Revolution, when they decided it was time to go forward with their dream. Fast forward over six years later and REVD Indoor Cycling now has six locations one located in Hingham, MA in the Derby Street Shoppes.

REVD Indoor Cycling was founded in 2014 in Dedham, MA. St. Marc and Simms decided on a boutique spin class that went off the rhythm of the music. Simms has a background in music allowing for them to really connect and understand how the beat of the music matches with the movement on the bike. With the dark lights and loud music, their studios allow you to forget what is going on outside of the class and truly take time for yourself to unwind and challenge yourself both physically and mentally. It is an immersive experience that allows the riders to connect with the rhythm, while simultaneously working on their fitness levels. 

They operate as one of most popular boutique spin studios in Massachusetts. REVD is an inclusive environment allowing individuals to create the best version of themselves. The studio is comfortable, encouraging, and forms a community. The experience that one endures at REVD is unlike any other, which explains why it is a popular scene for individuals seeking physical activity in a unique and enjoyable delivery.
One of the hardest parts of opening the studio for St. Marc was understanding and realizing that she was taking a leap with quitting her full time job to follow her dreams.


Six years later and just all small businesses, REVD is battling through the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners and staff have done a tremendous job of finding ways to still provide their service to the community in all ways possible. Since the studios have closed, REVD has rented out bikes to the community and have provided different forms of rides for people to ride at home. REVD has also formed “REVD training camp” a high intensity group training program.

REVD stands out over other cycling studios because it is formatted to be athletically challenging. REVD allows people to challenge yourself in a safe way and allows the rider will get lost in the rhythm. While REVD offers a physically challenging class, their classes are open to all cycling abilities. All instructors go through a developmental program and each instructor is all taught how to create this welcoming environment. This welcoming environment is what helps them bring in new riders. It is no wonder why their business has been so successful; they welcome new riders with open arms and create a community that encourages individuals to improve in both a physical and mental aspect. By word of mouth and their friendly atmosphere, new riders are always coming to try out REVD Indoor Cycling. REVD also has different forms of social media that allows them to create a platform of displaying their product.

So next time you are in the South Shore area, make sure you stop by REVD Indoor Cycling and allow yourself to get lost in the music. 

Rev’d is located at 94 Derby Street, Suite 235 Hingham, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: 781-556-5757
Facebook: @RevdCycling
Instagram: @RevdCycling