Getting to Know Your Local Realtor – An Interview with Suzanne Gelven, Owner of United Realty Express in Raynham, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - united realty express owner

Author: Denise Harvey, BSU student

Suzanne Gelven owner/realtor of United Realty Express, Raynham MA. Suzanne is your local real estate expert, sometimes she is representing a buyer and at other times a seller; her mission is different for both types of clients. Her goal for the buyer is to help them find the best home for their wants and needs and successfully get it at the best price possible. Her goal for the seller is to help them sell their house for the highest amount the market will bear in as short a time as possible. Her years of experience in the real estate market has helped her with becoming an expert in the industry.

Suzanne has been in the real estate business since she was about 18 years old. Suzanne gives credit to her father who was in real estate. Her father owned a lot of multifamily homes in the South Shore area and encouraged Suzanne to get her license at an early age to help him.

Suzanne took a break from real estate, but because of her love and passion for real estate, she could not stay away for too long because it is in her blood. She started back doing real estate part time when her son was getting older. Suzanne loved real estate more than her part time job. It got so busy that she gave up her full-time job and did real estate full time. Going into real estate full time has given Suzanne the flexibility to better accommodate her clients’ schedule.

Having a marketing plan on how to get a clients’ home sold or finding the right home for the clients is very important to Suzanne. These are some of the ways that she markets her clients’ houses. She uses the Multiple Listing System (MLS). (This tool is also what she uses to help determine the market value). She also uses a yard sign, directional signs from the main road into your neighborhood, postcards sent out to neighborhood, social media,, and to name a few. For her buyers she walks them through the whole process from signing the agreement with her up until closing day!

Suzanne currently lives in Taunton MA, and her office is in Raynham MA. She started her own business in 2010. Suzanne currently has 2 agents working with her. She would like to double her business and have about 5 agents in the next five years. Being very hands on and being an excellent planner has helped her to recruit, train and retain her agents to experts in the industry as well.

Referrals is the best way to bring in customers for Suzanne, therefore, she has developed a database with all her contacts/clients. This database allows her to stay connected with her contacts/clients and has allowed her to send out campaigns as well. Suzanne stays up to date with the latest technology which keeps her ahead of her competition. Also, not having the right tools and technology means missing out on an opportunity. Suzanne also advertises her business on social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., which she has a lot of experience and knowledge with. She has a proven track record to find houses for her clients. All her contact information can be found below. 

Visit United Realty Express at:  473 South St., Raynham MA

Contact them via:
Phone: 508-269-3006
Facebook: @buysellnewengland

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