Need a Landscape Company in the Summer? Snowplowing in the Winter? Try Bluestone Construction in N.Dighton, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - bluestone construction

Author: Robert Maher, BSU Student

BlueStone Construction is a construction and landscaping company that is located in North Dighton on 200 Williams Street. Steve Reed the owner started the company in 1998 expanding it ever since. The majority of the business does work from South Shore stretching as far as Connecticut. Steve has always had an attraction to construction and landscaping which lead him to pursue this field at a very young age. He told me it started from him and his business partner going door to door mowing people’s lawns and doing general landscaping as a kid.

It was only a matter of time before the word spread of the two eager workers performing great work, which lead them to getting contacted by more customers. Which gave them an idea to branch off and start their own company. They knew it was a risk but Steve was financially responsible and wanted to take the chance of opening a company to branch off more.
Steve grew up on a farm so was familiar with getting his hands dirty and naturally had a passion for it. He immediately faced problems with the economy struggling and work slowing down, but he looked at it as an opportunity to diversify himself and take advantage of the struggling economy and adapt trying to provide as many services as possible at a reasonable price. As a young business owner, he took risks trying to expand by buying properties in low income areas, but quickly realized that he wanted to steer away from this field and focus on the growth of his company as a whole. He started to branch out hiring trusted employees to get the work down properly. With this came more responsibilities in finding trusted employees, he felt it harder and harder to get workers who would carry out his business the way he wanted to. He had a willingness to expand by opening up the company to offer every service that a location would need. He wanted his customers to feel at home with his company and come to him with any problems instead of having to go to different companies for different issues. So, he started to integrate every service a company could need which ranges from building a company brick by brick to doing any and all landscaping including snow removal services.  

His motto was that he wanted to be known as “the one stop shop”. This really got his name out and got him to expand further and further in all directions. He wants to provide customers with fast responses. He gave me an example of a company who had a busted water line and he got the call and sent his workers out there who had the job fixed the right way within an hour. Which really diversifies him from other companies. It gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that Bluestone Construction is a reliable and trusted company who isn’t going to sublet the work out to other companies.

This makes customers feel at ease that they know they can call Steve for any problem they have and get it fixed. So, if you are in need of any construction or landscaping down don’t be afraid to call Bluestone Construction to get top of the line work done. 

Contact Bluestone Construction via:
                                  Telephone: 508-509-4377