Hand-made Jewelry and More at Laughing Moon in Plymouth, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - laughing moon sign

Author: Emalia Monteiro, BSU student

In the heart of Plymouth Massachusetts lies a hidden gem that has been in business for over 20 years, supplying everything from healing stones to hand made jewelry. This company was started years ago when owner, Nancy Kim, began making her own jewelry and later expanded her passion to Plymouth in her own boutique, Laughing Moon. When starting this journey, a big concern was finding a strong clientele, with determination and passion Laughing Moon became a staple for downtown Plymouth. The first thing that catches any customers attention is the royal purple sign, followed by the well thought out window displays.

Before entering you are already draw in by the variety of Bohemian jewelry and sustainable clothing items. As you enter the boutique you are welcomed by the aroma of the burning incense and the smiling faces of the employees. In the front of the store you can find clever stickers and day planners, along with crystals and clothes for children. Further back in the store is where you are going to find clothes of all colors and designs, there is a little something for everyone.

A key aspect of this small business would be promotion. Laughing Moon incorporated social media into their company to expand their success; this boutique is on both Facebook and Instagram. On their Facebook page you can find their address and phone number. Posts include new products that arrive at the store and updates with store hours. 

Technology has allowed this small business to expand to an online store. This has been a huge deal for the boutique because this online shopping craze has allowed Laughing Moon to be able to distribute their products to a significantly larger clientele than there one centralized location could ever do before. People from all over can shop at Laughing Moon and help support a local business. The online store sells everything that you would find in the boutique and more. In addition, another great aspect of having an online business is that a customer can check out the shop before making the drive to Plymouth. The website also includes some classic pictures of the original Laughing Moon when Kim started her business making jewelry.

2020 has been a challenging year for business owners, but even with the pandemic Laughing Moon has continue to open their doors when permitted. On their Facebook page there was an informational post about the mask policy in their store, this post expresses that masks are mandatory to keep everyone safe. This Facebook post informed the community their stance on wearing masks and this showed respect for the public health. Covid-19 has showed the lengths that small business goes through to keep business going, this small business is just one example of an amazing businesses that work persistently to provide character to their community.

Laughing Moon focuses on creating an experience for a customer, it is not just a boutique but an encounter that will inspire people to want to return. It is clear that Laughing Moon is cherished boutique, not only by Nancy Kim but also the community that supports her dream.  

Visit Laughing Moon at 1 Court Street #3 in Plymouth, MA.

Contact them via:
Phone: 508-746-0288
Email: laughingmoonboutique@yahoo.com
Website: www.laughingmoonboutique.com
Facebook: @LaughingMoonBoutique