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​Author: Kendall, Martignetti, BSU student

Malloy’s Automotive Service Incorporation & Weymouth Service Center are two towing companies that are family owned and operated out of Weymouth Massachusetts by the mother-daughter duo, Janice and Jaclyn Malloy. Malloy’s Automotive Service Incorporation & Weymouth Service Center provides the services of towing, transporting vehicles, trespass towing, a full-service garage and storage. 

Raising his family in Weymouth Kevin Malloy decided it was the perfect place to start his business. Back in 1989 Jaclyn’s dad, Kevin, cashed out his retirement and started his company out of his driveway after being laid off from his long-time employer Westminster Dodge. He then moved it into a mechanic garage and it quickly grew from there.  After two years of operation the company they outgrew the single garage and relocated to a bigger building in Weymouth. Kevin’s first tow truck he bought unfortunately caught on fire, he then purchased a flat bed. Kevin sadly died in 2018 before he got to see the business grow into what it is today. Kevin would definitely be happy with what his girls have accomplished with the family business. In 2019 Janice bought the Weymouth Service Center company and building and merged the two businesses to one location. Jaclyn’s brother Tim would have been the sibling to take over Malloy’s, but he sadly passed away in 2010. Jaclyn said that one thing her father was very proud of was her accomplishment of graduating from college. Kevin’s goal was for her to work and grow outside of the family business, but Jaclyn wanted to keep her father and brother’s legacy going which led to her full-time involvement at the company. Jaclyn decided to really step in to help in 2019 when they bought Weymouth Service Center.
After talking to Jaclyn, I learned that Kevin’s motivation to start his own business stemmed from his lay off. Kevin’s top priority in life was his children, starting the business gave him purpose as the sole financial provider. Kevin never wanted his income to be dictated by someone else when it could impact his family.  When Kevin was opening his business the hardest thing, he went through was the financial overhead. The family went from having a weekly paycheck to making their own income.  Janice was a stay at home mom and Kevin worked to provide for his family of six. Jaclyn was five when the company started and recalls another big struggle with starting the business was the long hours Kevin would be away from home, many family dinners took place at the shop just so Kevin had a reason to take a break.  Janice and Jaclyn said that if Kevin was to start this all over again and do one thing differently, he would have saved more startup money to purchase a building of his own.  

Obviously 2020 has been a year no one expected, but right now Malloy’s Automotive Service Incorporation & Weymouth Service Center is still very busy. Jaclyn said that right now they are very overworked because they are understaffed. The one thing that was hard about 2020 for them was the lack of snow we had at the beginning of the year which made it so there was less tows and plowing for the company.

Another struggle from 2020 was making sure to be very safe when handling customers and cars with COVID going on. Despite the struggles of 2020 the company tried to spread joy to the community with doing several drive-bys for birthdays with all the trucks during COVID. One Sunday all the employees, including Jaclyn did touch-a-trucks through 34 different streets in Weymouth. The Malloy’s have followed CDC guidelines for keeping everything clean including having the staff and customers be safe during the pandemic. Jaclyn uses Facebook as advertising and uses her Google and Yelp reviews to better the company. Despite the negative connotation with police and trespass tows, this also helps to get their businesses name out there. The Malloy’s really are a fair mechanic shop that has a competitive labor rate, they are honest work and do not mislead their customers for inappropriate repairs. Jaclyn is excited for the business to expand with her employees and become more financially sound. The Malloy’s treat everyone like family when you walk in the door, make sure to keep the Malloy’s business in mind for any towing, mechanic or transporting needs.  

Malloy’s Automotive Service Incorporation & Weymouth Service Center Contact at:
40 Moore Road, Weymouth MA 02189

You can contact them via:
Phone: (781) 331-8408
Facebook: @MalloysAuto