In the Mood for Caribbean Food? Try Lakay Kreyol in Randolph, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - lakay kreyol menu item

Author: Kerby Felix, BSU student

Caribbean food has always been a favorite for many of us because of the culture that it brings to our lives, and to our taste buds. Family is something that we all value and cherish. My family, the Bernard’s, and the Bellanton’s came up with a solution to start their own small business.
 Lakay Kreyol is a family owned and family operated business. The head chef is Nahomie Bellanton, and she is also the owner of the business. Nahomie started her business after she had a scare of being diagnosed with cancer, but God pulled through when she found out the test results. After she found out she was free of anything that could harm her, her kids motivated her to take her skills from the kitchen and let the community have a bite of her amazing food and talent.

The owner mentions in an Instagram Post, “I have always been passionate about cooking and serving others, it brings me so much joy.” After Interviewing Nahomie, and being around her and her family, I can see why it brings her joy. Nahomie started her business this year in January 2020, and just by looking at social media and promotion, in just three months, they have managed to attack the small business industry in catering. Peter Bernard, Nahomie’s son, does the web developing for the business, and Mary Magdala Bernard, and Esther Bernard acts as the “Supervisor, and Secretary” of the business. Nahomie mentions that working from home is tough because of how many things she has to buy and store away for her small business. Her grandchildren stay with her at times, and they serve as great little helpers. She elaborates on how grateful she is to have the chance to do what she has dreamed of, and how she can show her kids, and grandkids that anything is possible with God. 

Lakay Kreyol serves Caribbean food, in particular, Haitian special dishes. “Fritay” is a famous dish that many people look for when they want something crunchy, spicy, and tender meat. If you fly to Haiti, this is one of the dishes they try to make you buy when you first arrive to Haiti. This is because it serves as a signature dish, and it fills you up for a good portion of your day. Nahomie talks about living in Haiti before arriving here in the US. Her joy also comes from many businesses around her in Haiti, serving food and operating their own business to make enough money to make a living. As we know, in 3rd world countries, it is tough to do many of the things we find ourselves used to. Nahomie took what she knew and made it a reality. Lakay Kreyol also serves Dinner Plates; these plates range from many different selections, depending on what you want as a customer.

Moving forward, Nahomie talks about the beginning being the toughest part, because she felt tired, overwhelmed, and wondered if people would buy her food. But with God, and the help from her kids, she managed to put her business online on many platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, and even appear on other food business pages. You can find them under “Lakay Kreyol”. Promotion and advertising are important, and her family makes sure that the business is well represented. In just three months, they have managed to reach almost 800 followers on Instagram! What makes Lakay Kreyol stand out is, it’s a family owned business, and being able to deliver food to customers. Lakay Kreyol is also planning to host events, and they really know how to throw an event! 

“We specialize in Caribbean cuisine, Popup Kitchen Open Saturday 2:00PM-8:00PM. Call to put in your orders! Venmo: Lakay-Kreyol, CashApp:LakayKreyol”

Contact Lakay Kreyol via:

Phone: 781-510-9920
Facebook: @Lakay kreyol20
Instagram: @Lakay_Kreyol