Looking to Make a Change to Your Hairstyle? Try Salon Fusion in Bridgewater, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - salon fusion interior

Author: LeShauna DeJesus, BSU student

In 2010 Bridgewater native Kristine Machnig opened the doors of Salon Fusion in her hometown. Growing up she fell in love with the beauty industry, her childhood dream became to have her own salon one day. That day just happened to come a lot quicker than Kristine originally planned. She worked in the industry for 6 years for a previous salon before she became unhappy with the atmosphere and had to make a change. Kristine knew she wanted to have a salon where the stylist and clients felt like family.
Her first hurdles were finding a good location and building a team of stylist that she felt fit her vision. Kristine went to Bridgewater State for business and felt she had a strong enough background to be successful in her venture. She picked a great location near the center of the town she loved.

The only thing she felt she would have done differently, is be a little more assertive as a boss that was just starting out. She has come a long way and learned a lot about herself because of the obstacles she’s had to overcome. After successfully running her business for 10 years she shared some of the challenges she faces running a successful salon in 2020.  Internet technology plays a huge part in bringing new clients to the salon but with it comes the unrealistic expectations from online posts and trending hair colors or styles. Social media shows the end results but a lot of the times there is a long process involved in achieving the desired look. Luckily Kristine and her team are very knowledgeable in their craft and are more than happy to take the time to explain the process and schedule sessions to ensure the clients’ hair remains healthy. Another aspect of the business that she has to pay close attention to is the prices of the services offered, they need to be appropriate according to her location and her competition so she can stay relevant in such a growing industry.

Technology and social media have more of a positive impact on the business than negative. It is a great way for the stylists to showcase their work which gains more followers and clients for the salon. Salon fusion is active on all popular social media sites and they are the first salon to appear when you google salons in the area.  The number one way to bring in new clients which has remained tried and true for years is word of mouth. Happy clients spreading the word whether it’s on their social media or in person has always been the most effective for her team.
Kristine and her team offer a very calming clean full-service salon where you’re able to relax and be pampered. You can tell they are truly passionate for what they do, they love making their clients feel beautiful and boosting their self-esteem.

Kristine has worked hard to create a salon where everyone feels welcomed and loves coming back. If you’re looking for a new salon in the area, I would highly recommend checking out the amazing team of stylist at Salon Fusion.

Visit Salon Fusion at: 12 Springvale Terrace, Bridgewater MA

Contact them via:
Phone: 508-697-6200
Website: www.salonfusionbridgewater.com
Facebook: @salonfusion508
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