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Author: Jacob Robbins, BSU student

SRC Investigations is a small business in Middleboro, MA. SRC is a private investigation company that conducts most of their services around the South Shore of Massachusetts, but will serve customers where ever they are needed such as the rest of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The business owner, Veronica Ramos is originally from Maine, but moved to Massachusetts in 1987, and started up SRC in 1990.

She started the business because she wanted to be self-employed, have a flexible work schedule, and wanted the challenge of being a business owner. She had a tough road to get the business to where it is today. Starting out at 23 years old, Veronica struggled getting clients. One very important asset in the private investigation field is being credible, so as a new company it was hard to get clients. However, clients gave her a chance and she provided thorough, accurate, and quality work, which gave her a reputation of handling cases honestly, professionally, and diligently. Because of this she became more and more credible, well known, and respected, which opened more work opportunities. She has kept up her reputation and her client base has continued to grow to this day.

Knowing the business as she does now, she stresses the importance of a business plan. When Veronica first started out she learned from experiences, but now, with many years of experience, she has learned to create a plan for almost everything, planning makes managing the business much easier for her. In 2020, the most difficult thing Veronica has to deal with about owing a company is competing with larger companies. She deals with this struggle by having different tactics than the large companies. Large companies have to follow strict company policies and have to conduct their work in a certain way, but Veronica and her employees have the freedom to think outside the box and be creative with the way they get their work done. The thing that sets SRC apart from large companies, and other similar sized competitors, is their experience, results history, and attention to detail. SRC takes pride in their 30 years of experience, tremendous track record of fulfilling customers’ needs, and their overall diligence. 

​Currently, the main ways SRC brings in new customers are through word of mouth and state contracts. Technology has played a huge part in the growth of SRC, it not only helps their customers, but themselves as well. Technology helps SRC’s customers easily find information on the website and allows for immediate responses to inquiries. SRC itself benefits greatly from technology. “The social media investigation”, is a product offered by SRC that allows the company to investigate any and all social media for clients, this adds a whole different service the company can offer thanks to technology. In the upcoming future, Veronica would like to see her business run remotely from the FIA, this would allow her to spend a more time with her family, have time for herself, and have other possible business opportunities. Overall, SRC is a very successful company, run by a devoted, strong, and smart business woman. Veronica dealt with a lot of challenging obstacles along the way, and built SRC into a well-respected, successful private investigation company. 
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