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Author: Ashley Pires, BSU student

Premier Gymnastics is located in Stoughton, Massachusetts and focuses on providing programs for young gymnasts. The gym is owned by Perry Treon and Rustam Vakhitov. Both owners have many years of experience in coaching and competing in gymnastics. Together, they focus on helping kids reach their fullest potential as gymnasts.

Premier Gymnastics was opened back in the fall of 2016. Rustam reached out to Perry, whom is also a real-estate agent, in hopes of finding a new location for his gym. The two had known each other through previous coaching jobs. What began as a real estate deal turned into a partnership, as the two decided it would be best to open a gymnasium together.  Perry and Rustam ended up buying a preexisting gym through a mutual friend. When they first bought the gym it wasn’t in the greatest shape.  They knew that in order to bring in more business, they’d have to revamp and rebrand the already existing business. They felt that this was the toughest part about opening. Their main focus was on renovating the gyms appearance and layout to better suit their needs. To attract more clientele, they modified prices and expanded their class selections. Revamping the gym wasn’t an easy task, nevertheless they persevered. The love that they had for the sport and children inspired them to keep going as they were getting the business off the ground.  Within a few short months of opening the gym, they added over a hundred new members.  

While conducting the interview, I asked Perry what he felt differentiated his business from other businesses just like it and he answered, “the coaches“. The coaches hired at their gym are all well experienced and motivated. Rustam has 10 years of experience in coaching competitive gymnastics. He also worked for twelve years as a circus performer for the Golden Circus in Europe. Apart from competing as a gymnast for 10 years, Perry also coached recreational gymnastics for 10 years prior to opening his own gym. Adri is another coach at the gym.

She has twelve years of experience in coaching competitive gymnastics and was on the Albania National team for six years.

All coaches at Premier Gymnastics have years of experience and are all safety certified. While most gyms in the area hire young inexperienced teens to teach smaller children gymnastics, Perry felt that it was best to hire coaches with years of experience in coaching because he wanted to provide quality service.

The gym attracts in new customers through online marketing. They primarily advertise on Google and Facebook. Modern technology has contributed greatly in the growth of their business and thus allowing them to be very successful. Social networking has allowed them to earn greater profits by enabling more people to know about the services they offer. It has also allowed them to compete with other gymnasiums for clients. They are effectively using and taking advantage in using technology to further the growth of their business. Perry and Rustam are hoping to expand their business by opening up a second location. In branching out, Premier Gymnastics will be able to cater to a different demographic. They would like to open up a location in an area where there is not already a gymnasium. They are hoping to provide a more affordable service and opportunity to children in a less fortunate communities.

My sophomore year in college I had the privilege of working at Premier Gymnastics. I worked there as a receptionist. Throughout my employment there, I witnessed the love and dedication that the owners and coaches put in to their jobs. They truly motivate their gymnasts and help them to reach their full potential. I also had the opportunity of helping them coordinate some events like birthday parties and summer camps. Those types of additional services that they offer are available to members and the public. These services help keep kids busy all while learning new skills and having fun. I have no doubt in my mind that this business will continue to excel and continue to be profitable. 

Visit Premier Gymnastics at 471 Page Street in Stoughton, MA

Contact them via:
Phone: 781-341-4160
Website: https://www.premiergymnasticsstoughton.com/
Facebook: @PremierGymnasticsStoughton