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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - ve truck service owner

Author: Deyse Pires, BSU student

If you’re in the market for a good truck mechanic with years of experience VE Truck Service is the place to go. Ellioney De Sousa Founder of VE Truck Service began his career at the young age by his parents’ incentive. At the age of 13 he started taking different workshops. During that time he fell in love with mechanics. He decided to continue diving deeper and develop his knowledge of how a car works. Not long after completing his courses, he sought opportunities to gain experience by working for others. Hoping to one day fulfill his dreams of owning his own shop.
Mr. De Sousa was born and raised in the state of Goias, Brazil.  This was where his passion began. With the knowledge he acquired from his various course in mechanics, he started to think of how he could expand his passion in this line of work and exceed to success. He started dreaming of the possibility of one day becoming a business owner himself.

Though he was a young boy he understood that in order to succeed there were still many things he needed to accomplish.  He knew he needed to build a stronger foundation for his future business. The beginning process of his dream was followed with a lot of hard work and dedication. He gave the best of himself serving his cliental and also his employers. With that he begun to gain more knowledge in the field and started to build his own cliental. This allowed him to save up for his dream. With years of hard work and determination he was able to open up his own business.

After years of maintaining a successful business, Mr. De Sousa now with a wife and two kids, received the opportunity of a life time. Mr. De Sousa was given the chance to move to the U.S. and be able to give his wife and kids a better life and education. He did not hesitate; in 2009 he arrived in the U.S. and began his life once again from scratch. Referred by family friends who recognized his work in Brazil Mr. De Sousa continued his career in the same line of work. It was not easy, though the work was not foreign to him, he still faced many challenges such as the language barrier which effected customer communication. He was also expected to learn new techniques and how to use new machines that he had not yet been exposed to in Brazil. Yet with all these challenges he was able to see it as an opportunity to grow and gain more knowledge.

Within two years living in the U.S. and working as an employee Mr. De Sousa had learned enough to open his own company once more. In 2011 he opened VE Truck Services, but this time he did not do it alone. Now with his two children by his side to help him. They first began their company in Randolph where they stayed for two years. Later they transferred their shop to Whitman there they resided for another two years. Then they moved to Bridgewater where he currently resides.

Unlike before Mr. De Sousa mindset had changed. He no longer wanted to simply open up a business. He now wanted to create something more permanent. He wanted to be able to leave a legacy behind. One in which his children would be able to continue.

Even though he was once a business owner in Brazil he still faced many challenges. As he established his business in the U.S.  He had to learn and determine which computer applications would better suit his business and increase productivity. He had to learn how to work on different machines that he had not seen in Brazil. Even with many challenges Mr. De Sousa was not discouraged but more than ever determined and excited to learn and grow.

When looking back on what he could had done differently Mr. De Sousa with full certainty states “nothing.”  Even though with the challenges and sacrifices that he faced it created a strong foundation for his business. It made him who he is today. With all of that he is extremely grateful for all the lessons that he has learned over the past years!

VE Truck Service is located at 841 North Bedford St. in East Bridgewater, MA.

Telephone: 508-216-4036