Need a Spring Clean-up for Your Yard? Try RedZone Landscaping in Weymouth, MA

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - redzone landscaping logo

Author: Vance Young, BSU student

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - redzone landscaping logo

Redzone Landscaping is a fully insured and professional commercial and residential landscape company that finds pleasure in maintaining and beautifying the appearance of customers’ properties. A satisfied customer is always the end goal, this is why Jake Young, owner of Redzone always tries to approach his work as if it would be done on his own property. Redzone is a growing locally owned business located in Weymouth and serves all of the South Shore. I got the chance to sit down and ask the Jake some questions about his business and here’s what I was able to gather:

Q: What is your line of business, and how did you choose to pursue this field?
 “My line of business is landscaping & snow removal, I chose to pursue this because I have always had a love for nature and desire to work outside.”

Q: When did you start your business?
 “Although I had begun much like other neighborhood children knocking door to door snow shoveling and raking leaves for a few bucks, I had not officially started my business until November 2014.”

Q: What was it that made you want to start this business?
 “Aside from a love of outdoors, I wanted to start landscaping as I had a passion for altering landscapes and being in close contact with wildlife. Something I enjoy about being outside so often is that it has improved my awareness off various landscape issues a homeowner could run into.”

Q: What was an issue that came up upon opening your business, and what helped motivate you to not give up?
 “One of my toughest challenges was finding a good reliable client base. My main inspirations that have always kept me going are my end goals, keeping them in sight has always helped me focus on what I need to get done.”

Q: If you had to start over from day 1 what would you have done differently?
 “If I had to start over from day one, I would have increased my pricing, I had started this business when I was younger the pressure of clients not liking my pricing was very stressful, and I should have never lowered my price, as I didn’t make profit occasionally. “

Q: If a customer was to choose between your business and 3 others just like it why would you suggest they at least give you a try first?  What makes you stand out? 
My business takes pride in our work, and guarantee customer satisfaction. I always aim to recommend the best and most affordable options for your property.”

Q: What is the number 1 way you currently bring in new customers?
 “Facebook advertising has been very successful for me. Many people who are new to owning homes see our ads, I feel this is a great way to build a future client base.”   

Q: Has internet technology (website, online ads, social media, etc) played a big part in your growth and making your company more successful?
 “Yes, Facebook ads and google ads have made my business much easier to find when searching for landscaping companies.”

SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - redzone landscaping yard work

Q: Do you feel that internet technology could play a bigger role in your business if you had the
right tools?

 “I feel that internet marketing takes a decent amount of time, having correct marketing tools for the internet would definitely help speed up the process.”

Q: Looking into the future, where would you like to see your business?
“I would like to see my business preforming and profiting well. I hope to also have my business “running itself” with little need for my intervention.”

Q: Increase or decrease, step away and be more a manager, passive owner etc? Why? 
 “I’d like to passively manage my business as much as I can, that way I can focus on other life and business ventures, being a passive owner is great, it wouldn’t take my attention away from the business, but it would help me focus better on more important areas.”

Redzone Landscaping is based in Weymouth, MA and services all of the South Shore.

Contact them via:
Telephone: 781-858-1877
Facebook: @redzonelandscaping