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Author: James Burke, BSU student

​Quality and integrity have come to epitomize the customer experience and craftsmanship of MT McMahon and Son, Inc.  From the employees to the services offered, owner, Mike McMahon, runs his company by one simple truth; “Integrity sells”. Located in Carver, the company carries three branches of top-notch service in the construction, remodeling and weatherization industries.  Owner Michael McMahon honed his skills as a union carpenter before obtaining his high-rise certification and overseeing the construction of several large projects in Boston, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  In 1987, looking for a more family-oriented community Mike and his wife Jil, moved to the South Shore and started their family. Mike started his construction and remodeling company in 2001, providing a full range of services from start to finish, he earned a reputation as a reliable and talented contractor. As a family the McMahons have developed three successful facets to their operation, McMahon and Son Carpentry and Building, McMahon Insulation, and Jil’s Kitchen Design Studio.
McMahon Insulation, the largest of the three service lines was founded by Mike and his son in 2007. Mike already had over 30 years of experience in the trades, and after bearing witness to the cyclical volatility of home construction industry, he could see economic turmoil was on the horizon. 
In response McMahon Insulation was created, which has serviced the utility contractors from Boston to the Cape for over a decade.  The Mass Save program, a program funded by the state in order to reduce the use of electricity and gas by improving the insulation and weatherization of homes, is McMahon’s biggest contractor.  In working for the state, every foreman is certified, and every job is inspected by an inspector from the Mass Save program.  This ensures that every job McMahon Insulation does is performed safely and to the highest standard of quality.  McMahon provides a wide variety of insulation solutions including, cellulose, fiberglass, rigid foam board, spray foam, and most importantly, air sealing and ventilation.  Air sealing is the process of eliminating air leaks in the home, often found where the foundation meets the structure in the basement, where walls meet the ceiling in the attic, and around pipes, chimneys and doors.  Every job performed by McMahon has an air monometer reading done called a “blower door test”, which measures the amount of air leaking into the house both before and after the work is completed to ensure the job is done correctly.  Developments in the industry have shown that due to the “stack effect”, air sealing is the most important ingredient to an efficient home.  Imagine your home is like a cooler, its great if the walls of the cooler are thick but, if the lid is open a crack or there is a hole in the side, it will not work nearly as well, this is where air sealing comes in. In addition to the blower door test technological integration allows McMahon Insulation to use thermal scanning of the walls and ceiling of your home which ensure there are no air leaks or gaps in insulation.

Mike McMahon has always been a “family man” and all of his employees are part of that family.  He feels that it’s his duty to provide steady employment, fair wages, and strong mentorship.  Every employee is drilled on being polite, courteous and safe in your home.  McMahon Insulation implements the same quality of work in every job regardless of it being a private or state program contract. McMahon Insulation implements the same high-quality workmanship in every contract, no matter how large or small, public or private. All work is guaranteed, so if a problem does arise all customers can expect a quick and courteous response. A quick call to (781) 831-1234 will put you in contact with Kaila and Derek, McMahon & Sons’ office and operating managers. Don’t forget to ask for Jil if you’re looking for cabinets and kitchen design, or ask for Mike for any carpentry or remodeling inquiries.

If you are interested in participating in the Mass Save program, go to, and when your appointment is made, request McMahon Insulation. “We stand behind our work, when there’s a problem we fix it!”

During these unprecedented times due to impact of COVID-19, McMahon Insulation adheres to strict Massachusetts guidelines regarding personal protective equipment(PPE) and social distancing. 

MT McMahon and Son is based in Carver, MA and serves the South Shore area.
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