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SOUTH SHORE BUSINESS REVIEW - nickerson enterprises building

Author: Travis Van Vleck, BSU student

Michelle and Derek Nickerson recently started Nickerson Enterprises LLC early this year out of Carver. Derek Nickerson has been in the area his whole life, growing up in Plymouth and making his way to Carver. He started in masonry in 1994. After battling Lyme disease and losing significant time at work, he began a partnership in 2015. Spending four years in the partnership gave Derek the time and exposure to learn the ins and outs of the business entirely, to the point that he was fully ready to start a company of his own. A strong passion for masonry and a drive for ultimate customer satisfaction pushed Derek to start Nickerson Enterprises. With a partnership, there were additional matters that required attention outside of the customers and the jobs. Now, running Nickerson Enterprises, Derek considers his clients with a family-like relationship in the sense that when they call, the work will be done timely, efficiently, and in the end every party will be happy.

If Nickerson Enterprises were to start over from day 1, Derek says there is nothing he would change about anything they have done. He explains that every action and the consequences of those actions each hold an important lesson that play a significant role in furthering his understanding of the business in every aspect. 

The toughest part about starting a business this year, during the coronavirus pandemic, is that big government jobs are seemingly harder to get, as the jobs are continually being delayed due to coronavirus concerns. Derek quickly shifted his business and attention to the smaller needs of the private clients in the area, displaying the ability of the young company to adapt and overcome adversity.
Nickerson takes great pride in his work, and it speaks for itself. Derek says that his business is chosen over others due to his extreme passion for the work and dedication to seeing jobs to their completion. His past experience over the past 25 years and the reports of his work are nothing but positive. He takes pride in the fact that he has never pulled insurance on a single job and has never left a job incomplete, no matter the difficulty or condition of the job site.

Derek’s customer base comes mostly from his past clients. Aside from that, new customers are gained from word of mouth from previous clients speaking highly of his work.

The website BidDocs has been hugely helpful in growing the company as most of the jobs that the company has gotten have been sourced from BidDocs. Derek feels that there is always room for improvement in every aspect of the business, so he does not discount the added benefit of technology while continuing to use BidDocs. 

Nickerson Enterprises, LLC is based in Carver, MA. 

Contact them via:
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