PizZing’s Pizza & Wings – A Genuine Local Flavor


Author: Dean Chandler, BSU student

PizZing’s Pizza & Wings is a local pizza establishment with two locations in the South Shore area, one in Abington and one in Holbrook owned by two brothers, Omar and Ace Laroussi. The two grew up in Braintree, so it is important to them to provide a quality restaurant experience in the South Shore area. The Holbrook store is primarily run by Omar Laroussi, while his brother, Ace, handles the Abington store. The Abington store was their first venture, opening in 2017. The Holbrook store opened in late 2018, but this is far from the partner’s first experience in restaurants. Omar emphasizes this by saying, “I always worked in restaurants growing up but my true dream was to become an entrepreneur, so naturally I decided to combine my prior work experience and hopefully build something of my own with it.” Despite being partners, the ambition of each partner is not overshadowed as they both have big plans for their future.

With years of food experience between the two brothers, PizZings offers a menu of high quality food, most of which made from scratch. Not is the quality something that draws many in, but what makes PizZing’s unique is their extensive selection of hot sauces on their menu. Each sauce is made from scratch and their heat level spans the full spectrum of heat. This combination of variety and quality allows PizZings to differentiate themselves from other pizza shops around the area. “My main focus as the owner of PizZing’s is that quality comes first and foremost,” says Omar Laroussi. Considering the way business has been booming lately, I’d say the customers agree. Despite this, Omar still aims to grow further, with goals to continue expansion and open a 3rd restaurant in the next 2-3 years.

Expanding is never easy, but it is not uncharted territory for the brothers. After opening the Holbrook store in 2018, there were some troubles that went along with this. Financial capital is always a trouble for aspiring business owners, but through hard work and shrewd investments, both brother’s saved up enough money to the point they could purchase not one, but two restaurants while still in their 20’s. Purchasing is only half the battle, however, and finding employees that are trustworthy and competent is unfortunately a notoriously difficult task in restaurants. While the staff at PizZing’s now is great, Omar expressed the importance and difficulty of finding quality employees when PizZing’s opened in Holbrook. Despite these struggles, the brothers relied on each other to preserve. “Throughout the whole process there were many obstacles, sure. But my partner Ace was instrumental in helping me push through, and I’m sure he’d say the same about me,” explains Omar.

An important part of their success is their ability to adapt and use new technology. PizZing’s has implemented an online ordering as well as a reward card system, similar to other national chains. PizZing’s has social media accounts but rely more so on word of mouth and mailers to reach their target audience. This is something that Omar acknowledges, but explains, “I believe that a social media presence shouldn’t be what brings you into a restaurant, it should be the quality of the food and experience. I’m sure we could use social media or other technology to provide a bigger role, but technology already plays a major role with our online ordering system and the delivery system we recently installed. I don’t think I should fix it if it isn’t broken, not yet.” Although this is rather unconventional by today’s standards, PizZing’s continues to thrive and a 3rd restaurant opening seems more and more likely.

PizZing’s is a great, local location great for good food for yourself, or the family. There is a strong staff, quality food, and committed ownership that all help to provide a stellar dining experience. Support two local kids and try one of their 50+ sauces, or even attempt the Hot Enough Challenge!

​Visit PizZing’s at one of these locations:

 134 South Franklin St., Holbrook, MA
Telephone: 781-767-3340

​1035 Bedford Street, Abington, MA
Telephone: 781-792-0003

​Contact them via:
Website URL: pizzingspizza.com/
Facebook page: @PizZings
Twitter: @_PizZings
Instagram: @pizzings